May 28, 2023

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Spain: A teacher suspended for teaching that there are only two sexes Jesus Luis Baron Lopez | The world

“Can I judge for saying that the earth is round?” Words defended by Professor Jesus Louis Baron Lopez after he was suspended from public office Of Alcale de Henares . This teacher taught a class in biology and geography where he taught that there are only two genders: female and male. After that, he was suspended for six months.

Explained by the media The teacher began working in September 2020 after 25 years of living in the classroom. However, after a month-long sex class he gave to first-year students in Compulsory Intermediate Education (ESO), he said, “They broke away from teaching to be a pleasure to children. “. In an interview with the media, he also reduced his salary and launched: “I’m going all the way. I need an independent court to decide me.”

During that class, as described, they spoke “Male and Female Chromosomes and Transgender”. At that last point, Barron Lopez said it was “not a genetic, organic or hormonal change” and that these people were “following” the sex determined by their genes. On sexual orientation, another topic they discussed, he said: “They’re very different, but I think they’s topics I don’t need to talk about in biology classes either.”

According to him, the author criticized the existence of leave groups.Say anything, including pornographic maps, procedures and videos, the limit of pornography”. According to him, these practices respond to a “Sermon” and “Corruption”.

After his class, they instructed Baron Lopez, who, as they told him, had complaints from his parents. “I said I could apologize to students and parents who were upset, but I would not deny the basic scientific principles.” Later, he clarified: “I did not tell the class that it is bad for one man to kiss another man.”

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So, he shot: The director of the company may have been greatly affected by feminist and gender ideologies. They felt a respectable, but subjective, excuse from the students for wanting to silence me and other teachers for not having a line of thought that parallels the unique, authoritarian and authoritarian thinking of this 21st century. Ideologies “.

In this way, he said, it was happening just like it did in the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. “They are fragmented by science-based and irrational theories.” “Punishment based on punishment will never become true”, Initiated, and -to- many teachers did not tell what was happening to them out of fear. “Teachers should be given freedom “ He began.

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