March 22, 2023

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South Africa: Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Shows Good Results Against Delta Variation

Single dose vaccine developed by the company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Shows positive results against COVID-19 South Africa Against Delta Types And the beta and immune response has been good for at least eight months for its use, South African scientists confirmed this Friday.

At a press conference this Friday, Dr. Clinda Gray, chair of the Medical Research Council, spoke South Africa (SAMRC, abbreviation in English), studies conducted in the country show the “surprising period” of the immune response to the single-dose formula, although its evolution must be constantly monitored. Eight months.

“In the end, the vaccine Johnson & Johnson Works well South Africa With the tough beta variant we have. All the data we see reveals an immediate and lasting response against delta variability, and we see a surprising period (of immune response to a dose), ”Gray said.

Only 1% are affected

These data are supported by laboratory studies and a low number of serious infections among South African health workers. Johnson & Johnson As part of a major utility study launched by SAMRC in mid-February.

Of the nearly half a million people vaccinated under this initiative, only 1% are affected, and of these infections, 98% are involved in “mild” diseases; 4% of the victims had mild symptoms and only 2% developed a severe condition.

The data collected by SAMRC also refers to a formula developed by a pharmaceutical company called Jansen Johnson & Johnson Gray stressed that it “works better” against beta (identified by South African experts in late 2020) than the delta variant (one of the first to be discovered in India).

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This news is particularly encouraging in terms of making rapid progress Delta variant Ann South Africa And in other parts of Africa, access to vaccines is very low (only 2.66% have received any dose).

The delta variant already exists in 13 African countries and its expansion is triggering epidemics at the level seen in the current third largest COVID-19 wave, with conditions at the health level more important than previously recorded.

In South Africa, the best hub of COVID-19 on the continent with nearly 2 million accumulated infections, the delta variant even replaces the beta variant, which virtually eliminates the presence of earlier versions of the corona virus.

(With information from EFE)

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