October 1, 2022


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Sony Might Release Launcher PC Games, Spider-Man Files Reveal

Sony Might Release Launcher PC Games, Spider-Man Files Reveal

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with Modern high-end PC Previously exclusive game releases Such as God of War And the Horizon Zero DawnAnd the Looks like Sony is converting to Marketing its video game arm as a hybrid PC company. Currentlyrecent dataMined refer to files The PlayStation PC game player may mean that the company wants to emulate the Xbox In bridging to the computer-based market.

In the days following the launch, dataminers Found files that refer to “PlayStation PC Launcher” in the latest Sony port Marvel’s Spider-Man RemasteredVGC Reports. The post says she has Confirmed and Verified The files involved, although Gizmodo could not independently verify them. However, the tfor him followed in the heels clues Off the web (pun intended) Among the files that were visibly left inside Sony’s latest port that showed the company might allow users Connect their PlayStation Network accounts for computer games.

It’s still up in the air whether this means Sony wants to build its own PC launcher / store page, Then make her games exclusive to it a program. Of course, users at all”the love“toDownload Game on Steam or Epic store just to get the point Another, slow launcher, so hopefully The company will learn from the failures of others. Sony She also has Plenty of ground to cover compared to The Competition. Microsoft is already way ahead of Sony with its PC-Xbox Live account integration.

There is clearly an audience For PlayStation-exclusive games in The computer market and the company makes its ambitions Clear alone PlayStation Page for PC. Sony God of War And the Horizon Zero Dawn Both have proven to be The best seller on the platform. company show up back in may, In just two months, The former sold about 971,000 units in the two or so months it was available. Meanwhile, TThe latter has sold just under 2.4 million copies over the past year and a half. Sony expects too Its PC title sales exceeded $300 million this year. It looks like the company wants half of its game library on PC by 2025.

And if simultaneous players are any pointer, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered already achieved great success, with around 66000 players Swinging through the streets of Manhattan during peak playtime on Sunday.

That said, the number of Sony-exclusive games re-released on PC is minimal compared to its competitors, with only six first-party games available on both Steam and Epic Store. Any new launcher would need to also integrate third-party games to make it worthwhile, although it’s possible that Sony could add some depth to a PC launcher by integrating Playstation Plus’ Xbox Game Pass-like features into it. 

It may be a way for the company that’s been hard pressed to produce enough PS5s to meet demand to actually create buzz for its exclusive content. The company has said it wants to Increase production quickly This year, but the move to PC ports will still be easy to access its games.

The executives said that by expanding into the PC, they could go from reaching a “very narrow” segment of gamers to a much larger segment. Well, no duh. It’s weird Since when did Sony resist allowing PC gamers to access the company’s library? This is probably due to how entrenched Microsoft, its main competitor in the gaming console space, is in PCs. Last year, Jim Ryan – CEO of Sony Interactive – said – GQ That while the cost of making games has gone up, “the ease of making them [exclusive games] Available to owners of other consoles.

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