November 28, 2022

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Sofia Nieto | Work with Tourist Visa in USA | He wanted to enter the United States, but agents found something on his phone and prevented him from passing through Mexico | Description | EC Stories | the world

Sofia Nieto is Mexican and plans to enjoy a summer vacation with the children she took care of while working as a nanny. A few years ago, but a mistake in passing immigration security checks prevented him from fulfilling his wish. Apparently, the authorities refused her entry because they considered her suspicious, and because of her experience, she advised other foreigners on what mistakes not to make when trying to enter a North American country.

It’s through his TikTok account @. Sophia said She had already prepared everything for her trip and was very excited to see the little ones againBut when she arrived in Dallas, Texas, a city bordering Mexico, where migrants usually arrive, everything collapsed because they wouldn’t let her pass.

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The policeman asked the young woman to go to the famous “small room”, a room where foreigners call people to interview them, then decide whether they are deported to their country, have any permit or simply clarify their legal status. Meanwhile, Nerves took over herBecause he knew something was wrong.

What was not expected During the investigation, they check her cell phone and find enough evidence to send her back to Mexico.. This is where TikToker gave the key to the “cultural gap” between each country, which is why he accused them of taking away his visa.

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She was deported from the US to Mexico for being on her cell phone

As the immigration agent checked the cell phone, Sophia recounted. He found some text messages that showed he had served on American soil for a while: “We use WhatsApp and American’s text messages, and since I don’t use text messages, I forgot there were some people who said I worked there.”

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The young woman did not provide details on whether or not she worked under an au pair program Got a job on a tourist visa or independently. Although he shared his case in 2021, he confirmed it Those kinds of messages on cell phones It can be a major factor in anyone being denied entry into the country Or get your visa revoked.

Traveling to the US even with a valid visa can be dangerous for many people / unintelligent

What happens if the rules are violated on a US tourist visa?

When arriving at the border, officials from Customs and Border Protection dictate how long a person can stay inside the North American border. Violation of the rules will result in irreparable sanctions.

Being in the US for longer than allowed, the call will accumulate”Illegal presence”. That is, unauthorized stay even when the visa is still valid. As for economic sanctions, these are classified according to the seriousness of the violation, but the most common is its state sector :

  • The applicant will lose status and be deported.
  • The offender’s visa will be revoked and he/she is likely to be ineligible for future visas.