August 13, 2022

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Shina K Cardwell | TikTok | Google: He was going to date a man he met on a dating processor but discovered a startling secret | Description | EC stories | The world

In a short video, a dictator shares his shocking experience using a dating app. Shina Kay Cardwell met a person, with whom he arranged a meeting, but was curious to know more about him, he decided to search for his name. She discovered a secret that changed her mind: she was not going to come out for him in any way.

When looking at the results on the internet, he got the worst surprises. That person had a serious kidnapping case.

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She was completely shocked by the information she received, A young woman from Nashville, USA, has decided to share a video of her experience on a popular social networking site.: “When I was about to go on a hinge date, I decided to Google that person and saw that he had been arrested for aggravated kidnapping,” he revealed in front of the camera without hiding his horror.

Applications to meet the population have grown tremendously in recent years, and their use during epidemics has increased by more than 50%., According to a study Smartme Analytics, The first isolation was carried out worldwide and then in 2020.

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However, when using them, it is important to ensure personal safety, because there are people who really want to make appointments. Meet new people with good intentions, others use it to commit crimes, with the support of the opportunity that does not provide accurate data about identity or past, In this cold case.

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After creating her story about Shina’s experience, after learning of this police record of who she was, she noted that it would endanger her life, and she decided not to contact that person again and not to close her social media accounts. That he does not have the opportunity to talk to you.

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The young influence decided Share your horrific experience to raise awareness For those who use this type of application or social networking to meet new people, it makes clear that it is important to verify information before making a personal appointment with the person with whom you have virtual contact.

With 390,000 visits, This video went viral on Dictok and generated a shocking reaction from users Hundreds of people who faced the danger she faced decided to tell stories like the one she passed through.

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“Please, a guy begged me to go out with him, but I rejected him. I then googled to find out that he was arrested for assaulting a worker at his homeSaid one of the women reflected in the young woman’s story.

Shine’s story reveals that many have faced similar situations.

Later, when another user encountered the possibility of having an encounter with a stranger, she mentioned a technique that seeks to preserve her physical integrity: “When I or my friends start talking to a guy, We do all the CBS tests. We are detectives”.

“I asked a guy directly what would happen if I googled it and he said I didn’t like it. Real allegations of sexual harassmentLike Shina, another user said she could anticipate the danger she would face.


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