May 28, 2023

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Shark | Zombie | ‘Zombie’ shark found swimming after being attacked by cannibals | Science

Mario LeBrado, aThe Spanish shocked him while he was filming near the beach in Mozambique. A He ate half, which he called the “zombie”, where he hunted prey even though he lost most of his body. The shark was able to swim continuously for 20 minutes before dying.

Loveret, In an interview with the press The sun, Black spot shark, explained that its species are only a few 1.6 meters, He has no chance against his enemies who can achieve more than that 3 meters long.

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For this reason, gave the animal appearance ‘Zombie Shark’, How he was baptized, he continued to swim in the waters of the Sea of ​​Mozambique, in a state of decay, while at the same time shedding blood.

Marine biologists, throughout history, have questioned whether sharks are actually cannibals, although there is insufficient evidence to confirm that these are difficult to catch.

However, there is some evidence that this is possible.

In addition to the recent case of a so-called zombie shark, in 2016 the remains of baby shark teeth were found in the fossil feces of Orthodox, a species of extinct shark.

Also, a recently published study Showed sharks confronting other large marine animals, Because something ancient was discovered A fight between a sperm whale and The largest extinct shark of all time, the Magellan.

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