May 31, 2023

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Seoul is the most devalued currency in Latin America by 2021

The sun The second most devalued currency is the Peruvian Latin America Step 2021 only Great Mac code From The Economist.

This index is based on the devaluation figures of various world currencies Ability to purchase items Comparing how much money it takes to buy a big Mac in each country, the McDonald’s has a base price of $ 5.65 in the United States. This study is affected by such factors Average minimum wage And the fluctuations of each currency in the world market.

According to the analysis Economist, A large Mac S / 12.90 costs around Peru so “the difference between the two Transfer rate True, 3.95, says the Peruvian Soul is rated 42.2% lower.

This report is taken into account Transfer rate Registered until the end of June, hence the currency devaluation Big coin This may be higher considering that the dollar has been trading above S / 4.00 since the end of July.

Currently the study only puts the national currency above Mexico, The Mexican peso is down 43.7% as of June.

Countries of Latin America Uruguay has the lowest devaluation of its currency with -9.5%; And Brazil, with -22.8%.

A specific case Venezuela, Because Bolivar It is the most appreciated currency against the US dollar in the world index. Bolivar praised 47.7%, Switzerland (24.7%), Norway (11.5%) and Sweden (9.6%).

However, experts point out that this is mainly due to “True Dollarization” It is carried out in Venezuela. Currently, most transactions in the area are no longer made under the sovereign Bolivar, but under the dollar.

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