February 3, 2023


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SELAC summit: Gabriel Boric calls for release of prisoners in Nicaragua, “definite change” in Peru to confront “unacceptable” violence

President of Chile asked during his speech this Tuesday He vowed that Peru needed “definite change” in the face of the “unacceptable” violence of the past month and the release of “dissenters who are still unjustly detained” in Nicaragua.

“We cannot remain indifferent today when we are in our brotherly nation Peru People who march and demand justice are shot dead by those who are supposed to protect them. Indian Battle Before completion of the module.

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The President of Chile makes his debut at a conference Celiac After assuming office a year ago, “There is an urgent need to change course in Peru,” he said.

“The balance left by the path of repression and violence after the failed self-coup of former President Pedro Castillo is unacceptable”, was added.

BattleHe has been a vocal critic of authoritarian regimes in the region since coming to power, for which many analysts see him as a benchmark for the new Latin American left, and has called for a return to the South American country, noting the crisis in Venezuela. “For Multinational Forums”.

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“A policy of exclusion will not deliver real or lasting results. This has been demonstrated by the history of our Latin American and Caribbean countries with the infamous US embargo on Cuba and more recently on Venezuela”. pointed out.

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Venezuela Nicolás Maduro It was the great unknown of the last days and uncertainty about his participation remained almost to the end.

On Monday afternoon, the Venezuelan government announced an “aggression plan” allegedly by the “neo-fascist right” against the delegation led by Maduro and will be replaced by Foreign Minister Yuan Gil.

Boric, however, called for “free, fair and transparent” elections in Venezuela by 2024 and expressed his government’s willingness to “cooperate in dialogue between the different sectors of the country” to find a way out of the crisis.

“Freedom or dignity is not possible outside of democracy (…) The dictatorship (in Chile) suddenly taught us through blood and fire the consequences of comparing democracy and human rights,” said the former student leader. Human rights “regardless of the political persuasion of who rules.”

“Democracy should be respected in free elections, even if someone I disagree with wins, human rights are civilizational advances and should be respected.”, he concluded.

The VII SELAG Summit brings together representatives of 33 countries from Latin America and the Caribbean this Tuesday at the central Sheraton Hotel in Buenos Aires.

In addition BattleAbout fifteen heads of state and government attended the conference, including Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Brazil), Luiz Alberto Arce (Bolivia), Luiz Lacal Bo (Uruguay), Gustavo Pedro (Colombia), and Miguel Díaz-Canel (Cuba). and Xiomara Castro (Honduras).