December 7, 2022

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Santiago de Chile to Asuncion | Latam: Terrible Turmoil Video of Plane Landing in Storm with Destroyed Nose | the world

This Wednesday night, mid-flight, there was a chaotic situation in the air That is attached While en route to Asuncion, Paraguay, the plane passed through a storm that caused severe turbulence and frightened passengers. Even his landing on the runway of Silvio Petrossi Airport in the Luque neighborhood of Paraguay’s capital, after declaring an emergency, was shocking.

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Along with this plane fell down A low engine, broken mirrors and a destroyed front endAccording to newspaper reports Paraguayan ABC And what evidence Photographs The plane on the runway managed to touch down after a troubled flight.

The plane on the runway, has already landed. (Twitter).

According to the media, he had 48 passengers who got off Santiago de Chile. They landed in Asuncion at 5:25pm from Paraguay, but due to weather conditions, the first flight Diverted to Foz do Iguazú Airport, Brazil. Then there was a delay of a few hours The journey began again. It was on that stretch between Foz do Iguazú and Asunción Turbulence Recorded on passengers’ cell phones.

It appears in those records The plane moves suddenly And does Make passengers jump out of their seatsWhen you hear screams and thunder. “OMG”People screamed and items could be seen lying on the porch. As minutes pass, the plane also moves sideways. “Please! Holy God”, Limiting the man taking pictures on his cell phone while other people are firmly glued to their seats.

It then shows another video of the same journey, filmed by a passenger who was walking in front of the window Storm Rays that cross the plane during turbulence and illuminate the interior. At one point, even the lights in the corridor are turned off. Cries of despair are also heard in the recording.

Considering the gravity of the situation, ABC Paraguay It was reported that National Directorate of Civil Aeronautics that The country launched an investigation To analyze the emergency declaration made by the crew. Many doubts arose as to why the decision was made to resume flights from Brazil to Paraguay with the current bad weather.

This is how the front part of the Latham plane was left.  (Twitter).
This is how the front part of the Latham plane was left. (Twitter).
Winds, after turbulence.  (Twitter).
Winds, after turbulence. (Twitter).
There were confusing moments.  (Twitter).
There were confusing moments. (Twitter).

A statement issued by Latham after the incident

The airline made an official announcement within hours of the news. In it he described the actions of a plane that encountered severe turbulence during its journey from Santiago de Chile to Asuncion. Additionally, he pointed out that both passengers and crew are “in”.Good condition”.

Asuncion (Paraguay), October 27, 2022 – Ladam Airlines Paraguay reports that on Wednesday, October 26, flight LA1325 (Santiago de Chile-Asunción) experienced severe weather on its flight path. The flight made an emergency landing in Asuncion, which was carried out at 23:09 (local time) without any problems. Both passengers and crew are in good condition. Ladam Airlines Paraguay regrets the inconvenience caused to its passengers due to this weather”, says the text.

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