December 7, 2022

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Sandra Villena Manrique | Ecuador: Police search for Peruvian couple found dead in suitcase at hotel in Montanita | Femicide | the world

Police A body found inside a suitcase at a Montanita hotel was confirmed Wednesday afternoon as that of a tourist of Peruvian descent. This is Sandra Villena Manrique. His accomplice, a Peruvian who arrived at the scene, remains unaccounted for and is being sought by authorities.

According to El Universo newspaper, Found by hostel staff While cleaning one of the rooms.

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It is a female slave by natureSo the couple he came with was not in the hostel and his documents were not available”. Wilfredo Salguero said, Santa Elena County Vice President, According to Latin.

“They haven’t seen the citizen again since Saturday, which is why the hotel staff are starting to investigate, but more attention is being paid to them. Characteristic odors of decayIt came out of a room, that’s why they call the National Police.”Salguero explained.

Body Found inside a blue suitcase and was in the embryonic stage. He had no injuries or wounds, so asphyxiation is presumed to be the cause of death.

According to mom Sandra Villena ManriquePolice Ecuador He was contacted on Wednesday morning and informed about the death of his daughter.

They also said they already knew who he was The prime suspect will be nabbed in the next few hours.

Giovanni Benitez, Head of District Operations St. Helenpointed out that The man left the hotel on Saturday and there has been no sign of his return since then. “Wednesday they entered and they were seen until Saturday,” he said.

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According to the police, the man booked a few extra days, El Universo reported.

The area where the incident took place is surrounded by hostels and commercial establishments. According to El Universo, several tourists stopped to ponder what had happened.

America said The young woman’s parents will travel to Ecuador to bring the body home.