February 3, 2023


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Salt Bay: Fan disappointed after meeting Turkish chef | Masala Boy | Story | EC Stories | Videos | the world

Nusret Gökçe, or better known in social networks , is going viral on social media as one of his fans assured that it was a disappointment to meet him in person. ‘Tiktoker’ Masala Bhai paid huge sums to visit the media chef’s restaurant and meet him.

However, the meeting did not go as expected. Well, after saying a few heartfelt words to him and telling him that he was his role model, the cook responded harshly and rudely.

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I really try to be like you. I learned everything from you and make my own videos just like you You are my inspiration. You helped me start my own business“, he told him.

Despite the words of his followers, Salt bay He clapped his hands and replied: “Enjoy, go away” and then turned the other way. The encounter was disappointing for his follower, who commented in another video: Don’t meet your heroes. You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain.”.

However, this is not the only thing the Turkish chef has been criticized for. Well, the young man also paid the ‘influencer’ $600 to serve salt and steak on the table. There he was eating with his family.

But this too was disappointing Salt Bay approached the table with his AirPods on and seemed to be talking to someone on a cell phone the entire time.. Additionally, at no point did he speak to his diners.

@masala_boy Replying to @ibby_wulf We paid a lot for the experience. He arrived as a formality and chatted with his friend the whole time. In English. and left. #Nusred #Salt #salt life #Disrespectful #English #tiktoksouthafrica # to your page #fyp #abcxyz #Viral ♬ RAVE – Dxrk ダーク

The young man called it disrespectful and wrote in his clip: “We pay a lot for an experience. He arrived as a formality and left chatting in English with his friend the entire time.. In addition, he commented that he would not recommend this restaurant because to him it was a waste of money.

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Many netizens have reacted to the videos and confirmed that Nasred Koke should be cancelled.

“For any situation. Salt bay Should have been canceled years ago. ” , “Salt Bae only cares about money and stuff,” the comments read.