December 7, 2022

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Ukraine intelligence claims military arrests in Moscow

Russian “elite” guards arrest the army in Moscow: Ukrainian intelligence

Ukrainian intelligence officials said on Saturday that an “elite” Russian military squad had arrested other members of the military in Moscow as discontent appears to be growing over the Ukraine war.

Alleged arrests that NEWSWEEK Can not independently confirm, come after more than seven months of the Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin The so-called “special military operation” was launched against Ukraine. Although Kremlin officials aimed for a quick victory, Russian forces struggled to achieve any substantive goals in the war. Meanwhile, Kyiv says its forces have done so re Thousands of square miles of territory occupied by Russia in recent weeks.

It seems that Putin is facing Political pressure escalates Back home where his loss continues in Ukraine Collecting. Russian media figures were increasingly ready for this war criticism, which they support but argue were poorly implemented. Putin’s allies have demanded accountability and changes in the way Russia continues to invade.

On Saturday, Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence tweeted that the arrest of some military personnel had begun in Moscow. They did not provide extensive details of the alleged arrests. It was not known who or how many people were allegedly arrested, as well as any reasons for the alleged arrests.

Ukrainian intelligence said a “package” of measures “directed against the military began in the Russian capital” and movement was banned in the city center late Saturday local time.

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Ukraine also alleged that members of the Dzerzhynsky Operations Division, the “elite” Russian Guard established in the 1920s, were entering Moscow.

Amid the lack of information and confirmation of the alleged arrests from the Russian authorities or state media, some experts have cast doubt on the allegations of Ukrainian intelligence.

In this photo, people are shown attending a rally in Moscow on September 30, 2022. On Saturday, Ukrainian intelligence claimed that Russia was conducting military arrests in Moscow. However, these claims have faced skepticism from some experts and cannot be independently verified.
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Rosalba Castelletti, a journalist for the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, posted on Twitter a video from central Moscow showing an ordinary night in the Russian capital without any indication of a heavy military presence. “Traffic is normal. No military movements. It’s just a normal Saturday evening in Moscow,” she wrote.

“Maybe Ukrainian intelligence is trying to stir things up a bit by claiming there are unusual troop and police movements and traffic restrictions in Moscow,” added Ewan MacDonald, editor of the New Voice of Ukraine.

Russia Reshapes Military Command Amid Loss and Growing Criticism

On Saturday, Russia announced some changes to the military leadership in Ukraine.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu appointed Army General Sergei Surovkin “to lead the combined group of forces in the Special Military Operation Zone in Ukraine based on the decision of the Russian Defense Minister,” according to a report by the Russian state news agency TASS.

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Russia removed the commander of its Eastern Military District, Colonel Alexander Shaiko on Friday – and replaced him with Lieutenant-General Rustam Murado, According to a report from Reuters.

Some Russian media figures and politicians have called for military changes and accountability as Russia’s failures in Ukraine escalate.

“The military prosecutor’s office must work,” Colonel-General Andrei Valerievich, who works for the Defense Committee of the State Duma, said on Russian state television.

“At least some names should be made public about bringing someone to justice for this,” he added during a discussion. Recognize Russia’s precarious situation in Ukraine.

Institute for the Study of War Publish a report He concluded Wednesday that Putin is likely to blame Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu for Russia’s failures, while bolstering ties with other “radical” elements in the military amid public criticism.

NEWSWEEK I contacted the Russian Foreign Ministry for comment.