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Russia – Ukraine war: What’s on Vladimir Putin’s mind? Shocking information from two close associates of the Russian president | Volodymyr Zelensky | The world

Very few can seriously answer the question asked by millions of people since the beginning of the Russian invasion : What goes through the head? Of these rare characters, two men, in particular, were part of the Kidney of the Soviet Union and shared the professional and personal universe of the current Kremlin dictator. The first, Sergei Jirnov, a former KGB agent and trained to infiltrate Western administration, followed suit. Courses Than Putin. Alexander Adler II, a historian, a specialist in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, a former member of the French Communist Party (PCF), has been a professor at the party’s Central School in France for many years, and an open and close ally. At the highest levels of the Soviet Politburo. , Before turning to Atlanticism. Both reveal the secret aspects of the life of the man who keeps the world on edge, outlining the shocking qualities of his personality.

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“Like a boomerang, Putin’s ‘military action’ will return from Kiev to Moscow.” Says Alexander Adler, probably the best Russian researcher in Europe before the Press Council. “If there’s a complicated human destiny, it’s Vladimir Putin. I see in his gesture the sadness of a man who commits political and probably personal suicide. After all, this is a pessimistic and pessimistic man”, He notes.

What leads you to that belief? “His intimate personal history,” says the historian. “Putin is the son of two geniuses: his biological father and his foster father. But not only did this not help him, it paralyzed him because of some kind of role model. He lives in a powerless rage that leads to the worst possible transgressions”.

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The foremost of these men – contacting the historian – was called Provman. He was one of the craftsmen of the 1945 victory, a high-ranking counter-intelligence officer named ‘Smersh’, who was responsible for disarming those who turned their arms against Soviet power. Later, during Stalin’s anti-Semitic period, he was one of the first to be arrested. Stalin wanted to save it for a monster trial against the old guards who wanted to cut off his head. But Stalin died on March 5, 1953. Proverman was released, however, and everything changed later, when he was sentenced to 20 years in prison, a sentence he fully enjoyed.

Vladimir Putin is waiting for Belarusian Alexander Lukashenko in Moscow. (Michael Clementiev – Pool Sputnik Kremlin).

That was the beginning of Putin. Since he was the son of a proverb, he was sent to a malnourished and abused Soviet orphanage.Until, in 1956, a specific Yuri Andropov (Who presided over the fate of the Soviet Union between 1982 and 1984), who was in charge of socialist countries in the KGB and knew Browerman well, decided to save little Putin, who was adopted by one of his collaborators. Vladimir Vladimirovich PutinEven though he was constantly watching over him.

“Androbo’s hand appears at all stages of Putin’s career, especially in the KGB.” Adler mentions.

“How can this man, on the one hand shocked, at the same time, completely trapped by the allegiance of Proverman and Androbo to the Soviet Union, and by all the absurd revolutionary myths of the KGB, avoid the eruption? Also, it exploded”, Adler promises.

Internal explosion

But according to Alexander Adler, what caused the explosion?

One and a half years ago, there were reports in the inner circles of Western and Russian powers that Putin was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Fake news Or true, Russian hackers discovered the information and realized it came from the Kremlin.

“Only then did Putin become really short-circuited, because he understood that some people were trying to create what is called Russia. Gurukova Poruka: A coalition leadership to prevent him from ruling alone. In fact, after Stalin’s death, the Russians were very skeptical of the ‘number one’ independence and were trying to shape them. That is what Khrushchev spent on his work, which is implemented from time to time.

"Putin is a murderer"Read one of the many pro-Ukrainian posters that are widely found in Nuremberg.
“Putin is a murderer,” is one of the many pro-Ukrainian posters that are widely seen in Nuremberg.

No one knows from which Kremlin department that information came, but it is clear that it is not Putin’s friends. Adler does not know who the members of that “joint leadership” are, but he does know some of the most important people – the current Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu – until recently a close friend of the Russian president.

Shoaib particularly contradicts the Moscow-Beijing alliance policy on the almost axis imposed by Putin. By reaching a balance with the United States, the Kremlin leader accepted concessions to China, which is very similar to the political-economic colonialism in Siberia. Moreover, Shoiku, as a Mongolian and Puriot, is unacceptable. For him, on the contrary, it is necessary to approach the West, which can only help Russia – which is far from a major power – to recover “, he notes.

“Tsar of All Russia”

So Putin lied. He lied to the international community, but above all he lied to that group that Adler calls “sages.” After increasing the Russian presence in Donbass, he lied to them that everything would stop to show that there was a way to Moscow. But without doing so, he showed speed.

“As a result, because of his conspiracy – it’s a conspiracy – He wants to do as much harm to Ukraine as possible. But he wants to do maximum harm to Moscow, to all who have challenged his authority. That is why public insults and the Miss-n-scenes In front of TV cameras. This is what we see in real time The leader of a man is not only paranoid, but megalomaniac, who considers himself the “tsar of all Russia”.Adler concludes by predicting the complete failure of Putin’s adventure in Ukraine with this phrase from Napoleon I: “You can do anything with a bayonet, except sit on it”.

Alexander Adler’s explanation is often confirmed Sergei Zirnov Anyone who knows him well can explain in detail what Vladimir Putin’s rational method is.

“Vladimir Putin, assigned to Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), worked for nine years before being sent to Andropov in Moscow for nine years in the political police and later in the intelligence service, where he selected and educated real spies, known as” scouts “in the so-called” forest school “. Trained. Only then can go abroad. I went there myself before being assigned to France to infiltrate the National School of Administration (ENA), “says Girov, author of the latest book, whose title is accurate, Explorer.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to chair a Security Council meeting.  (Alexey NIKOLSKY / SPUTNIK / AFP - SPUTNIK).
Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to chair a Security Council meeting. (Alexey NIKOLSKY / SPUTNIK / AFP – SPUTNIK).

It was not the same for Vladimir Putin at the end of that year’s study “He was declared incompetent because his superiors determined that he and the KGB could not properly assess the decisions he had made and its consequences.”Accurate.

Putin was later sent to Leningrad, and under Andropo’s full protection, he served as a liaison officer in a provincial city in East Germany (GDR).

“For us KGB spies, this is a null job,” he continues.

In his opinion and in the opinion of his comrades, “Peter’s policy, used in all its splendor: Lieutenant-Colonel Putin has reached his jurisdiction, but continues his path thanks to his political influence. Allowed the Pretorian to surround himself with the guard.

“He does not listen to anyone”

As for Ziro, over time, the current leader of the Kremlin completely changed and created a total vacuum around him.

Today he is alone without listening to anyone. Not even FSB (exKGB)It sends him fragmented reports feeding on his demons. We face a Stalinist slide. I can not say he’s crazy, but he’s paranoid, mentally ill. Further Kovid imprisonment increased his voluntary solitude”, He notes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Motherland Festival in Moscow on February 23, 2022.  (Alexei Nikolsky, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)
Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Motherland Festival in Moscow on February 23, 2022. (Alexei Nikolsky, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)

Jirov says Putin hates meetings because they put him in front of witnesses. He wants people to get tête–tête. He says yes to everyone, and finally – after countless distortions – only to make decisions alone without any logical basis.

“That is what is happening today with the invasion of Ukraine. But he goes so far as to provoke the threat of nuclear war, and he stands and identifies, “says Alexander Adler, a former Western spy who describes Vladimir Putin’s disability as” troublesome. ” “I almost have the impression that he has decided to commit economic and political suicide.”


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