May 25, 2022

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Russia-Ukraine war: Vladimir Putin “doubles the war in Ukraine” says CIA chief Bill Burns | USA | NATO | Volodymyr Zelensky | The world

President of Russia, You think you can’t lose And there is a “doubling” in the war, but there is no indication of the use of tactical nuclear weapons, CIA Director Bill Burns said Saturday.

Despite the failure of Russian forces to capture Q, despite their difficulties at key points in the southeastern Donbass region, the Russian leader remains hopeful that his troops can defeat Ukraine, Burns said.

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Has her “Despite major defeats on the battlefield “Confirmed the head of US intelligence at the Financial Times conference. “I think he’s in a mood where he thinks he can not lose.”He pointed out.

According to Burns, Putin “Related” By Ukraine, which has been part of the Soviet Union for many years. “It’s a very fiery combination of ambition, ambition and insecurity. “

“He played a big part in the decisions he made to launch this invasion. I think he’s convinced at this point that doubling his efforts will allow him to move forward.

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Tactical atoms

Burns, the former US ambassador to Russia, spent a lot of time talking about Putin. INC Other Western intelligence agencies also see no signs of being ready to deploy tactical nuclear weapons for victory in Moscow. Ukraine Or attack on kyiv supporters.

Shortly after the start of the invasion on February 24, Russia placed its nuclear forces on high alert. Since then, Putin has made subtle indirect threats to his willingness to maintain tactical nuclear weapons if the West intervenes directly in the conflict in Ukraine.

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“As an intelligence community, we do not see practical evidence of Russia’s deployment or use of tactical nuclear weapons at this stage.Burns noted.

“Given the swordsmanship we have heard from Russian leaders, we cannot take those possibilities lightly.” Subtle “So we are very focused on being an intelligence service at a time when Russia has a lot of stock.“, He said.

Burns did not assess the current situation on the battlefield.

China in shock

But he argued that China, which Washington now considers its main adversary, was meticulously studying the lessons of the war and the meaning of its plans to bring Taiwan under control.

According to Burns, Chinese President Xi Jinping is still thinking of forcibly annexing Taiwan to China if necessary. But is in Beijing “Surprise” The poor performance of the Russian military forces and the strong opposition of the Ukrainian community and the strong support of Western countries for kyiv added to the first place. INC.

Experience of Russia Ukraine This will probably affect China’s calculus. “About how and when It will try to take over Taiwan, which China considers a treacherous province. “I think as a result of that occupation, NATO has joined forces with them to impose economic costs on Russia. ” Continuous.

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To Beijing “Troubles” Contrary to Putin’s wishes, Burns said he would “bring Europeans and Americans closer together.” “KWhat decisions you make from all of this is questionable.

“The costs and consequences of any attempt to use force to gain control of Taiwan, I think the Chinese leadership is looking very closely at all of this.”

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