October 1, 2022


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Russia-Ukraine war: US bans oil on Russia Venezuela | Nicolas Maduro | Vladimir Putin | NATO | Volodymyr Zelensky | Video | The world

Officers Traveled secretly In an attempt to sever ties with the Russian president’s close ally this weekend In Latin America, the re-entry into the US energy market is an oil country mitigating the economic consequences of a possible embargo on Russian oil.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post Nicholas Maduro.

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The unexpected visit comes after a month-long effort by US lobbyists, Norwegian diplomats and oil company executives – mediators calling on US President Joe Biden to reconsider the “maximum pressure” campaign against Maduro. .

But communication is a dangerous idea Mature Subjected to sanctions and charged with drug trafficking in New York – received extraordinary urgency as a result of the Russian invasion. Ukraine, Which threatens to send oil prices skyrocketing. U.S. lawmakers, Republicans and Democrats began voicing support for the idea last week to ban oil and natural gas imports from Russia. Putin For the invasion.

The meeting was chaired by a US delegation John Gonzalez, Director of the Western Hemisphere for the National Security CouncilTwo sources revealed about the visit and asked who would be anonymous. Was with Gonzalez James Story, who He was the US ambassador to Caracas when the Trump administration severed ties with Maduro. In 2019, opposition leader Juan Quito was recognized as the country’s legitimate president.

But it was in the presence of another foreign official. Roger CarstenThe Presidential Ambassador for Hostage Affairs raises hopes Mature He may be willing to release American prisoners as a goodwill gesture to the Biden administration.

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Carsten He went to Caracas in December and met six executives from prison SitkoThe Houston-based oil company was arrested in connection with the failed attempt to overthrow former Marine Matthew Heath and two former Green Berets. Mature Launched from neighboring Colombia.

The U.S. delegation traveled to Venezuela to discuss energy with the Maduro government

Government of பிடன் The easing of sanctions against has been under consideration for some time Venezuela In exchange for a pledge Mature U.S. sources said he did not want to return to talks with the opposition, which was interrupted last year when an ally of the Venezuelan government was handed over to the United States on corruption charges.

Allowing is an alternative ChevronThe last remaining American oil company Venezuela, The official said ahead of diplomatic efforts over the weekend to increase production or restart exports to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico capable of processing thick Venezuelan crude oil. Under US sanctions, Chevron will not be able to operate in Venezuela, except for basic well maintenance in collaboration with Venezuelan oil company PDVSA.

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Mature Gave no indication that he was ready to give up Putin Right now. He spoke on the phone with the Russian president last week and attended a rally in Caracas, where the Russian ambassador was praised for the militancy of the ruling Socialist Party.

“What they are doing against the Russian people is a crime, an economic war.”Announced Mature During the event. “They expelled them from the Swift organization, they closed their airspace, they closed their business relations, they closed them and banned them from using the dollar. What they are doing with Russia is madness.”

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However, against the barriers Russia And threatens the ability of both parties to support a full oil embargo Mature To do political maneuvering as has been done so far.

Russia has emerged as a major buyer of Venezuela’s crude oil following US sanctions. Last year, PDVSA sold $ 2.5 billion worth of crude oil to Russia, The internal affair of an industry that has been asked to remain anonymous. This equates to approximately a quarter of all foreign currency reserves in the South American country.

Although part of the sale was used to pay off debts, it was transferred back to Caracas to cover more than $ 1,000 million in operating costs. PDVSASaid the industry expert. Because your own US and European bank accounts are disabled PDVSA Due to its links with the Russian military, Biden receives tariffs for oil exports through Promsvyazbank, a Russian bank approved by the administration.

It is not clear how US flexibility will affect petrol prices. Despite the world’s largest oil reserves, production in Venezuela fell to almost a century last year. Although production will resume at the end of 2021, 755,000 barrels per day Venezuela He said in January Russia produced only a fraction of the more than 10 million barrels a day it produced last year.

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