May 31, 2023

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Russia-Ukraine war: Russia bombs Japorizia nuclear plant, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, and fire | Zaporizhzhia | Zaporizhia | Power | Vladimir Putin | NATO | Volodymyr Zelensky | Video | The world

At the Enercode nuclear power plant in the Saporizia region in the southeast The city’s mayor Dmitry Orlov said the first division was threatened after a fire broke out after Russian forces opened fire on the plant this Friday and was hit by shells.

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“World Security Threat! As a result of a series of enemy shelling of the buildings and units of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, Zaphorizia It’s on fire. “He wrote in his telegram account.

But Ukraine’s state emergency service later said a fire had broken out in a training building “outside the nuclear power plant”.

He explained that the third unit was disconnected from the single power system and only the fourth unit was operational.

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He added that as the fighting continued, emergency services were unable to put out the blaze.

Rescuers said they were on standby.

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They declare a threat to the first unit

The factory worker, who continued to provide information to authorities in a video message about the situation, reported that there was a “threat to the station’s first power unit” after being hit by Russian artillery.

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Atomic Station spokesman Andrii Tuz explained Emergency services were unable to put out the blaze because it was too closeAccording to UNIAN.

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He pointed out that the unit was connected to the network a week ago and a few days ago it was put in a planned repair condition.

“Nuclear fuel is inside the reactor. Not yet downloaded. In addition, Central Hall has a nuclear fuel storage and refueling tank, which also houses uranium and nuclear fuel assemblies, ”he said, stressing the risk of the sealed cover being broken.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmitry KulebaIn a tweet he noted that the radiation measurement at the plant was “currently normal”, but that the Russian military had dropped bombs “from all sides”.

“If it explodes it will be 10 times bigger (catastrophic) than Chernobyl” Warned in 1986.

“The Russians must immediately stop the fire, allow firefighters access and create a safety zone.”He tweeted.

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Mayor To power A few hours ago, he announced that there was heavy fighting near the nuclear plant. “Fighting near the nuclear plant lasted for more than an hour. Zaphorizia. Our national guards maintain security, he confirmed.

The mayor said the victims were there but could not yet quantify them based on the circumstances.

He pointed out that a “column of enemy vehicles” was heading in the direction of the nuclear power plant and heard heavy gunfire in the city.

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On Wednesday, hundreds of workers at the plant tried to block a column of Russian troops from entering the plant with tank trucks and tires.

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