January 27, 2023


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The American media thoroughly investigated the modus operandi. Recruiting works like this: with a war-weary army that has no expiration date—a specific Controversy implies Dead or wounded Russian soldiers – The The Kremlin He visited dozens of prisons and had conversations with murderers.People who have been imprisoned for drugs”. In return, freedom and a salary of 100,000 to 200,000 rubles a month (The. In Russia it is about 14 thousand, i.e. USD 234), amounts vary depending on the case. They’re not allowed.”Rapists, pedophiles, extremists or terrorists”. No military experience required.

What role do they play in war?They go first, and when the Ukrainian army sees them, they attack. Then the Russian soldiers see where the Ukrainians are and bomb the place”, activist and protector of prisoners, Vladimir Ozekinwho is also the boss of the portal .

Sandro Teixeira Moita, doctor of military science, highlights that this is not just a Russian practice. “If you look closely at the news about the beginning of the war, the Ukrainian President Volodymyr ZelenskyHe announced the same plan to fight the Russians”.

Indeed, on February 28, Ukrainian President It will free prisoners of war.”To fight against the aggressors”. “All sanctions against those involved in counter-terrorism operations will be lifted. The most important thing now is the security of the country“, he added.

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Mixed balance?

The world media criticizes the Kremlin and forgets that Ukraine has dealt with itself in the same terms, but it gives the impression that this is not the case. Enrique Banus, Director of the Institute of European Studies at the University of BueraArgues that there are many reasons that create this feeling.

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Firstly What he points out is that Zelensky was shut down, which happened at a time when there was more information. But, not so much breaking news now. Second He is the President of Ukraine.”Framing his speech as a universal message, he announced that all possible would be mobilized” and not just prisoners, a small nuance that can make a big difference.

It should also be noted that this information comes amid controversial statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin.. “For example, recently he said he was going to arm his allies. Therefore, there may be an overreaction to what is published about Moscow, as there are talks with surprising claims.”.

however, Banus did not close the door to doubters. “Finally, there is the way the media reacts; That is, if they gather more or less information from one side of the war. There may be some positioning, but that will already be part of the media strategy”.

A historical practice

Freeing prisoners to fight for the nation is a very common practice in history. – says Sandro Teixeira-. There are examples from China Old Europe During the Middle Ages and the Napoleonic Wars, the prison systems of those times cannot be compared to modern times.”.

The territory now called Russia The habit is not new to him. According to Teixeira, this has been going on there since the Middle Ages and only became more apparent when it changed. Russian Empire And they needed hands to withstand expansionary wars. And, at that time Soviet And World War IIarrangement’Punishment Battalions’Made up of society’s undesirables, usually recruited The Gulag. “They received little military training and were sent near suicide with the promise of amnesty and release if they completed their mission.”.

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Teixeira adds: “Information accessible since the fall of the Soviet Union and the opening of some military documents show that the death rate of these battalions was between 80% and 90%.”.

A reference image showing the Russian military during the Seaborne Offensive 2022, part of the war games hosted by Russia.  Reuters
A reference image showing the Russian military during the Seaborne Offensive 2022, part of the war games hosted by Russia. Reuters / Vitali snow

And those who used the same formula The Nazis. The Dirlewanger Regiment It is one of the units For his gloryRudeness and brutality” and their leader Oskar Tirlewanger,”A rapist and alcoholic”.

book “The SS Tirlewanger Regiment: A History of the Black Hunters”, That “The first members were mostly poachers who were freed from prisons and concentration camps. Because they were assumed to exist “Skills needed to hunt down and capture partisan fighters in their camps in the jungles of the Eastern Front”. The document further states: “Their numbers soon swelled with others eager to get out of prison, including men convicted of robbery, assault, murder and rape.”.

To Teixeira, who Russia Recruiting these types of people is what experts call “Mobilization in the Shadows”. “It makes sense for him to do so, as it is a way of correcting the casualties of the war, especially in the first phase, where there were many as a result of his eccentric behavior even for his own military doctrine.”.

In any case, it also shows that the Russians are not ready to mobilize the entire country for war. I imagine they didn’t do it because it might cause political damage to the Russian leaders”, concludes the expert.