May 28, 2023

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Russia expands attack on Ukraine despite new sanctions | World | D.W.

Following the bitter protests in Kiev this Sunday (02.27.2022), Russia ordered an extension of its offensive against Ukraine, which this Sunday (02.27.2022) faces a new arsenal of sanctions seeking to sever it diplomatically and from the rest of the world. Financially.

As on the previous day, the night of the bombing in the Ukrainian capital from Sunday 26 February to Sunday went to the tune of warning sirens, with its people taking refuge in bases and subway stations to seek refuge from the fighting.

On the third day of the invasion, which began with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Ukrainian military said it had repulsed the attack on Kiev and would continue to fight the infiltrating Russian “sabotage groups.” According to his latest statement, the Russians “finished their structure” in the north and “continued their offensive to encircle Kiev.” On the southern front there was “a fierce battle to prevent the unification of the enemy on the left bank of the Dniebro.”

Ukrainian officials point out that the war for control of the Vasilkov air base, 30 km southwest of Kiev, is continuing, where a Russian missile struck and ignited an oil depot. In Kiev, invading shells hit a storage facility for radioactive waste, according to the agency. Interface. In Kharkov (east), the fighting hit a gas pipeline and a residential building, where, according to Ukrainian rescue services, a woman died.

On February 26, Health Minister Viktor Liashko said a total of 198 Ukrainian civilians had been killed and 1,115 injured since the attack began. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has reported that 219 civilians have been killed, at least 64 have been killed, and hundreds more have been left without water or electricity, with hundreds of homes damaged or destroyed, and people isolated as bridges and roads destroyed.

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Russia’s Defense Ministry has said Russia fired missiles at military targets and ordered Ukraine to “expand its offensive in all directions”, saying it “refused” to negotiate. The Russian military has seized control of “the whole city of Melidopol” (south) and separatist forces in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions (east) with Russian support, he added.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has vowed not to surrender his country to the Kremlin. The 44-year-old president said in a video, “We say the same thing: we will fight until our country is liberated.

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