March 22, 2023

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Russia | COVID-19 | Moscow records daily deaths from NNDC | The world

Moscow, the capital , The number of deaths from the corona virus in the last 24 hours was announced on Sunday, a testament to the fact that the situation in Russia, a country severely affected by delta variation, continues to deteriorate.

According to official data released by Russian agencies, Moscow Recorded 144 deaths in 24 hours, the worst presence since the onset of the epidemic. A total of 107 deaths were reported in the country’s second city, St. Petersburg, on Saturday.

Russia, One of the worst-affected countries in the world, has been suffering for weeks due to the arrival of the Delta variant, a cause of epidemic and global concern more than any other.

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Nationwide, 20,538 new cases and 599 deaths have been reported, bringing the global number to more than 5.4 million epidemics and 133,282 deaths, the highest in Europe according to the official balance.

Faced with this revision, Moscow It reintroduced restrictions such as compulsory teleworking, the creation of health passes to go to restaurants, or the imposition of vaccinations in the service sector, but it did not yet consider severe imprisonment.

According to its mayor Sergei Sofian, nearly 2,000 people are admitted to hospital every day COVID-19 Of the 20,000 beds available, 14,000 are currently occupied.

“Its allotment”, In a televised interview, the mayor insisted for several weeks that he be vaccinated to prevent infection.

Citizens’ skepticism about these drugs weighs heavily on the vaccine campaign Russia, Combines data provided by regions and the media, with 21.2 million people with a minimum dose of 146 million, according to statistics from the Kokov website.

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The delta variant initially detected in India is spreading rapidly, especially among non-infected groups.

Source: AFP

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