May 28, 2023

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Reports: America and Poland are studying a deal to deliver fighter planes to Ukraine

Reports: America and Poland are studying a deal to deliver fighter planes to Ukraine

Several news agencies reported on Saturday that the United States and Poland are studying a deal that would provide fighter jets to Ukraine.

Four American officials Tell Politicowhich first reported on the discussions, that the two countries are in talks about an arrangement for Poland to send used MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine, and thus receive US-made warplanes.

“We are working with the Poles on this issue and consulting with the rest of our NATO allies,” a White House spokesperson told Politico. “We are also working on the capabilities we could have to fill Poland if it decides to move planes to Ukraine.”

management has “Poland in no way opposed the transfer of aircraft to Ukraine,” the spokesman said.

The spokesman noted that it would be difficult for the United States to transfer American F-16s to Poland. Politico noted that authorization could take a long time.

The Wall Street Journal The potential deal was also reported Saturday, citing US officials.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked lawmakers on Saturday to send more planes as his country continues to battle Russian forces that invaded more than a week ago.

He also demanded the creation of a no-fly zone over Ukraine and demanded that the United States stop buying Russian oil.

Several lawmakers have expressed support for a ban on Russian oil imports, with the White House saying on Friday that President BidenJOE BIDEN ENERGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT – Russian takeover raises nuclear concerns over money – Job growth boom in February invited Senate to speak with Zelensky on Saturday More He is Taking into account the Steps to reduce US consumption of Russian energy.

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But the United States and NATO rejected Ukraine’s demands to create a no-fly zone over the country, saying that implementing such a zone could lead to full-scale war.

The Hill has contacted the White House for comment.