February 3, 2023


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Tennessee Titans v Green Bay Packers

Report: Aaron Rodgers suffers avulsion fracture of the thumb

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It’s arguably no coincidence, with Green Bay’s chances in the playoffs being draining — and with their quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers It looks particularly inaccurate during the crunch time of the Week 11 loss to the Titans – more information has emerged about the thumb injury he was playing with.

With the Packers at 4-7 and a solid challenge coming tonight in Philadelphia, the Enterprise It is very likely that it will be put in place For Rodgers to be slipped onto the injured reserve, once the Packers’ hopes were dashed, not for sporting purposes but for practical purposes. That could come as soon as tonight, if the Packers lose and fall to 4-8.

Rodgers revealed himself for the first time This thumb broken, in the days after he was booed following two bad throws in the fourth quarter of Tennessee’s loss. Now, NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport reports that Rodgers has “avulsion fracture. “

Rapoport writes that the injury is “severe enough that surgery is almost always the answer to fixing this type of injury.” He also says that an avulsion fracture “causes the ligament to tear away from the elbow, taking some bone with it.”

It looks painful. Given that description, it’s incredible that Rodgers plays by.

Unbelievable he plays through itRapoport tweeted.

What did you say?

I do not dispute the extent of the injury. I don’t question, Rapoport asserts, that the injury will only heal with surgery. I don’t question, Rapoport explains, that the surgery will take place “only after Rodgers is finished playing for the season.”

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Here is my point. If Rodgers’ job is to continue playing, as Rapoport characterizes the situation, he will be out of action for the season when it looks as if the Packers won’t be playing beyond Week 18.

Packers probably won’t have a problem with that. Rodgers sliding into IR would give the team a chance to get him Jordan love Ready for 2023. Rodgers’ thumb and the rest of his body have probably been gone for a long time.