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‘R.’ From Netflix: Learn the true story of the Allende massacre in Los Jetas | Kohuvila | DEA | Drug trafficking | Mexico | The world

In March 2011, They carried out a massacre in the municipality of Allende, Kohuila, which went unnoticed by the media at the time many years later. ‘We.’, Miniseries It is based on Fiction is this harsh reality. This is not a series of drug traffickers, but their victims: those trying to escape violence.

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According to figures from the state Attorney General’s Office, there were 42 were missing over a 14-month period. However, according to the number of citizens, This number reached 300 victims.

Of academics College of Mexico (Colmex) Issued a statement in this case, which was prepared under their auspices Management Authority for Victims (CEAV), Determining whether a lot of government agents are complicit Los Jettos kidnaps, kills and hides many charges.

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‘We are.’ Provides a perspective on the October 2011 massacre in Kohuila, Allende. (Netflix)

Missing in two days

March 18 to 20, 2011, Zetas attacked 32 homes and farms in Allende. The purpose of these attacks is to retaliate Alfonso ‘Poncho’ Kuller Y Hector Moreno Villanueva. At least 26 people are missing, according to Colmex.

All criminals, friends and workers Kuller and Moreno Villanueva, criminal leaders Miguel Angel (Z-40) and Omar Trevino Morales (Z-42) are accused of possessing information to the DEA and embezzling between $ 5 million and $ 10 million as a result of drug trafficking.

For Colmex it had four stages: Arrangements, executions, destruction of houses and disposal of bodies, many of which are believed to have been cremated. Municipal police were complicit because they were ordered not to go on patrol or answer emergency calls, under the death penalty.

'We are.'  Collects evidence of 'anatomy of a massacre' report.  (Netflix)
‘We are.’ Collects evidence of ‘anatomy of a murder’ report. (Netflix)

Zetas They continued to kidnap, kill and disappear persons related to Kuller and Moreno Villanueva, officially raising the number to 42, although investigators still received more evidence.

What else, The municipality of Allende is not alone in the violence of Los Jetas. Mosques, Nava, Pietro Negros and Zaragoza were also attacked by the criminal organization.

College Police

Says the Colmex report Zetas They began to bribe the police without patrolling and to help members of the criminal organization on duty. Some agents cooperated “Out of duty and for the pleasure of others.”

There were ‘collaborations’ between the municipal police and Los Jitas Ignore complaints and reports, report if the military has arrived, report the presence of vehicles with state-owned plates, bribe Allende citizens, participate in the arrest of people, and allow criminals to enter prisons.

After the massacre Allende, They argued that no one was investigating the disappearances because they had no authority to do so.

The city of Allende was demolished by Los Jetas.  (National Geography)
The city of Allende was demolished by Los Jetas. (National Geography)


Ten years after the assassination, Mexican governments have not had good governance. Attempts have been made to promote reforms for victims of human rights abuses, but with very limited results.

In 2014, a team of experts was sent to homes and farms raided: 66 bone and 68 tooth fragments were found.

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) and the National Human Rights Commission (CNTH) have never been involved in the case.

Too, The CNTH lied that it was investigating the events and looking for evidence when denied by Allende Meyer.

The Executive Commission for Victims (CEAV)) Is not decisive in the focus on the massacre of the Mexican people because, according to Colmex, This includes a poor organizational design, bureaucratic disorder, the distance between its commissioners and victims’ organizations, and the slow supply of funding for the sector.

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