October 6, 2022


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Queen Elizabeth II | How Operation Unicorn is being implemented in Scotland after the death of the Queen of England | Buckingham Palace | United Kingdom | Balmoral Palace | the world

After death At his home in Balmoral (Scotland), the so-called London Bridge operation, known as the Unicorn, will begin the millimetrically planned arrangements designed since the 1960s when this national day of mourning came.

Operation Unicorn

If she dies in Scotland, the Queen’s body will first be moved to the seat of the Scottish Parliament., Palace of HolyroodAll kinds of parliamentary proceedings will be automatically interrupted and citizens will get a condolence book.

There it would be guarded by the Royal Company of Archers, who would adorn their caps with eagle feathers.

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The next step will be changed Royal Mile Avenue in EdinburghCorpse St Giles CathedralThere he will lie in state in the funeral chapel and the first service will be held there.

It is thought that the Queen’s coffin will be moved to Buckingham Palace on what is known as D-Day + 2.In London, on the train from Balmoral to Waverley Station, the protocol was contemplated in the event of the Queen’s death in Scotland, known as Operation Unicorn.

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Crowds wait for the train to pass at various places to throw flowers on the cars.

According to this script, On D+3, the new British monarch will tour the country, visiting Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff to attend memorial services for his mother.

Life of Queen Elizabeth II. (AFP).

For the so-called D+5 (6th day of death), the coffin is moved to Westminster Hall. From there he will lie down for four days until the procession arrives Buckingham Palace, which will cross the Mall – the first major military parade of the operation – passing the Horse Guards and the cemetery. A route similar to the one taken by the Queen Mother in 2002.

D+10 – Day of Final Celebration – Before dawn, the royal jewels are removed from the coffin and cleaned.The day will be declared a national holiday, with shops and the London Stock Exchange closed.

On the day of the funeral -D+10-, Big Ben will be heard announcing the Queen’s funeral at Westminster Abbey at 9:00am. It will accommodate 2,000 guests.

At 11:00 a.m. the nation is expected to remain silent as a mark of respect by reaching the casket at the door of the temple. His remains will lie next to his father’s in King George VI’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Isabel II and the longest reign.  (AFP).
Isabel II and the longest reign. (AFP).
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