December 9, 2022

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Qatar 2022 World Cup: Why it reportedly had the most expensive image campaign | World Cup | nnda nnlt | trends

Starting this Sunday, November 20th And football fans count the hours to watch the biggest sporting event on the planet. But Qatar has also led the talk as there are voices pointing out that the tournament has the most expensive image campaign in history. What is it about?

On November 21, the planet stood still with the opening ceremony 32 of the best teams in the world meet in a great sporting event watched by millions of people.

With five venues and 32 teams vying to take home the FIFA trophy, Qatar 2022 will be one of the most successful in World Cup history as the tournament has never been held in the Middle East before.

This World Cup 2022 is not only one of the most anticipated but also one of the well-budgeted events. What do you know about it?

Did Qatar have the most expensive campaign in World Cup history?

According to various media such as Qatar 2022 World Cup is one of the most expensive in history as even the smallest detail has been thought out for its realization.

Qatari Finance Minister Ali Sharif Al-Emadi said that they are investing a total of 500 million dollars per week, but the target is to reach 200 billion euros, according to the aforementioned media.

People photograph the World Cup sign in Doha (Qatar) (Photo: AFP)

What was the money spent on?

What draws the attention of the thousands of fans who have flocked to Qatar is the exquisite architecture used to build its World Cup stadiums.

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Public transportation like buses and trains and taxis are another well-thought-out tourist attraction, not forgetting the hotels that receive millions of travelers.

What problems are known?

According to , despite all the investment to make this important event a reality, there are other known issues. One of them, as mentioned, is the complaints and claims of malpractice and poor working conditions experienced by construction workers at different locations.

One of the stadiums in Qatar where many matches are held (Photo: AFP)

One of the stadiums in Qatar where many matches are held (Photo: AFP)

How much are the tickets for the matches?

Another question that many often ask is the value of tickets to watch Qatar 2022 World Cup matches. He pointed out that the tickets for the first phase matches are very convenient.

Tickets for the first round matches: 69 dollars.

Who will sing at Qatar 2022 World Cup?

All is set for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, even the artistes who will grace this great sporting event have been decided.

According to , two world-renowned artists will perform during the opening ceremony. It’s about Shakira, a Colombian singer and K-Pop idol, BTS.

How many people died while building football stadiums?

Since 2010, shortly after Qatar was chosen to host the 2022 World Cup, thousands of people have worked under dire conditions to build the stadiums. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, quoted The number of workers killed since 2010 will rise to 6,500.

For his part, Nasser Al Khattel, executive chairman of the World Cup organizing committee in Qatar, rejected such allegations. “This is something that needs to be made absolutely clear. Absolutely. Three deaths at World Cup stadiums related to work. There are over 30 deaths that are not work-related. He told CNN.

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