February 4, 2023


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Puno | Cuzco dircote| PNP| Armed Forces| Tina Poluiarte| Vincent Romero| George Yamamoto on protests: “It’s naïve to solve it through dialogue, but bullets can’t do it” | principle

A social psychologist and in this interview, analyzes the elements of The challenge that civil society represents is to maintain peace and stability in the country.

What are the symptoms of these resistances?

A symptom is something that has dragged on for months; Discontent of the people. Many analyzed that it was illogical that despite so many scandals, the people did not rise up, and one of the hypotheses was that the stimulus was missing; A group that implements that status so that people come to the streets. The problem is that there is a mixture of a legitimate motivation and a perverse motivation here. So, on one hand ex-terrorists, illegal mining and drug trafficking have been identified through the news. At the tip of the spear, there is funding to pay those destined to overdo it, the most experienced, and those who delight in overdoing it. The group will be funded to tap into the elements of discontent among the people, existing discontent among various segments of the population and create scope for action.

Have the deaths worsened the situation?

When the dead become heroes of the cause, everything they tried to convince is validated. It confirms the anger and increases it among those who have been protesting and those who are still unconvinced. This creates tremendous expansion.

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How to deal with what is happening?

It is naive to try to solve this through dialogue, because the marcher does not have the idea that something disaffected will be satisfied by talking, but rather there is a whole planned project, which has not started now, but has been going on for a long time. with specific interests. You can’t with bullets. They come out to reveal a psychological theme, psychological operations, persuasion, mixing reality with deception, creating hatred or capitalizing on it and managing people’s anger. There you have to attack with a strategy of psychological countermeasures. But, at the same time, meet people’s needs, but without guile.

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What would be the first steps in that strategy?

Weapons companies trained in these types of technical strategies intervene.

What other authorities or institutions should be involved with this strategy?

In an ideal world: civil society and business could participate, but civil society criticizes a lot of networks, but nothing more. Unless they actively participate, distance remains. As in Chile, South Korea, and Japan, the Peruvian business community, with a few very honorable exceptions, is only interested in its own interests and lacks the capacity for union action when it comes to seeking common cause.

Where are we going?

In a society that is in chaos, drug trafficking is going to advance and insert itself into the political sphere, and we are going to have a society that appears to be democratic, but in practice with a kind of coalition of criminal organizations. Take power. However, we should not lose hope; What we are left with is a group of honest and capable people, apart from the traditional political parties, who sacrifice themselves to achieve peace.

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