August 15, 2022

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Protests in Ecuador: Government lifts exceptions as Congress discusses president’s removal

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Image source, AFP

The President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, this Saturday rescinded the exception due to “severe internal chaos”, one of the demands of tribal groups that have been the heroes of the struggles that have plagued the country for 13 days. At least 6 people were killed.

The announcement came as the full session of the National Assembly convened a virtual session to discuss only the demand for the removal of Lasso, which was encouraged by lawmakers following the former president. Raphael Korea.

More than 40 members of Congress gathered the necessary votes on Friday to launch a campaign against the president, who is experiencing one of the worst crises in his government due to the protests.

Protesters’ main claims are lower fuel prices and higher social investment in areas such as health and education.

Many cities have been cut off in various places due to roadblocks, which has led to shortages of some goods.


In response to the protests, Lasso declared a state of emergency in several provinces of the country on June 18, although the move failed to contain the chaos experienced by Ecuador.

Correista’s representatives considered one of the arguments for the president’s removal to be “severe internal chaos caused by waves of protests.”

Image source, AFP


Corrista Bench demands dismissal of Lasso.

With this decision, the government reaffirms its desire to guarantee the peaceful creation of peaceful places in Ecuador where the people of Ecuador can continue their activities, “said a statement from the Presidency’s Communications Secretariat.

After the debate in the legislature, Congressmen have 72 hours to vote for the president’s successor.

However, to remove him from office, he needs the votes of at least 92 of the 137 legislators, with Correismo having only 50 seats, according to local media estimates.

Ecuador has been experiencing intense protests since June 13, marked by roadblocks and violent clashes between police and protesters.

The first goodwill occurred between this Saturday Leonidas IsaTribal leader and government representatives leading the struggles.

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