May 31, 2023

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Protests in Cuba: Havana and other cities shaken by unprecedented protests against Miguel Diaz-Colonel government | Homeland and Life | Photos and videos | #SOSMatanzas | #SOSCuba | The world

Unprecedented series of demonstrations called “Freedom!” And “Down with dictatorship!” Exploded on Sunday , When the country is facing the worst economic crisis in 30 years.

These demonstrations, which were widely circulated on social networks, began spontaneously in the morning, a very rare event in this country managed by the Communist Party (PCC only), where only recognized concentrations are usually party demonstrations.

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“Down with dictatorship”, “Let them go” or “Homeland and life!” – The title of a controversial song-, shouted several thousand protesters San Antonio de los Banos, A small town of 50,000 people, about 30 kilometers from Havana.

FreedomHundreds more chanted in Maligan on Havana beach.

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Mobile Internet The other protests across the country, which came only at the end of 2018, were broadcast live via Facebook or Twitter.

An interesting military and police deployment was sent to San Antonio de los Banos during the day, AFP journalists confirmed.

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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Colonel marched with party fighters shouting “Viva Cuba” and “Viva Fidel”, while residents throughout their trip protested loudly against the economic crisis.

An unnamed resident told AFP he took part in the morning demonstration, exhausted by the “current and food situation”.

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“Cuban-American Mafia”

The first cases of corona virus infection on the island were detected in March 2020, plunging Cuba into the worst economic crisis in 30 years.

Every day, Cubans have to wait in long queues to get food and face a shortage of medicines, which has created strong unrest in the community.

Economic problems prompted authorities to use power cuts for several hours a day in large parts of the country.

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Dias-Colonel, who has accused US sanctions imposed by Donald Trump and Joe Biden of leaving unchanged so far, admitted to reporters, “The energy situation has raised some excitement here.

“If you want people to be better, raise the siege first,” he added.

“The fact that the Cuban-American mafia is making so much money on social networks (…) has taken the situation in Cuba as an excuse and called for demonstrations in all regions of the country,” he said.

AP agency photographer Ramon Espinosa was shot in the face while covering a demonstration in Havana.  (Photo by Atalberto ROQUE / AFP).
AP agency photographer Ramon Espinosa was shot in the face while covering a demonstration in Havana. (Photo by Atalberto ROQUE / AFP).

“There are those who have come to express dissatisfaction,” the “chaotic revolutionaries,” the president said.

But here we are, “Many, I am the first to be willing to give our lives for this revolution,” he said in a speech on live television.


In one day Cuba recorded a new daily record from the corona virus, with 6,923 cases reported in 24 hours for a total of 238,491 and 47 hours for deaths, for a total of 1,537 deaths.

“These are dangerous figures, and they are increasing every day,” Francisco Duran, the epidemiological head of the Ministry of Health, told a news conference on Sunday.

Under keywords #SOSCuba or #SOSMatanzas (Name of the most affected province), increasingly seeking help on social networks, as well as calling on the government to send donations from abroad.

On Saturday, a group of protesters called for the opening of a “humanitarian corridor” which the government rejected.

“Concepts related to the humanitarian corridor and humanitarian assistance are related to conflict zones and do not apply to Cuba,” Ernesto Soberon, director of diplomatic affairs abroad and Cuban residents abroad, told a news conference this Saturday.

Officials denounced “a campaign” that seeks to “present a picture of total chaos in a country that does not conform to the current situation.”

However, the government plans to set up an email address on Monday to expedite donations from abroad, Soberon said.

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