June 8, 2023


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Princess Mako of Japan is getting married to her normal boyfriend on October 26th

After a three-year delay and controversy, Princess Mako From Japan and her common boyfriend, Key ComoroThey will be married on October 26, according to the Imperial Household Agency. After this event, Emperor Naruhito’s daughter-in-law has to relinquish her royal status and they are going to live in the United States with her new husband, where the young man works as a lawyer.

The couple, who met in college, announced their engagement in 2017 and a year later they promised to reunite in their lives, however, they postponed the marriage. Controversy What was created and Involved To the mother of the groom. According to He is said to have borrowed from his ex Promised And I don’t know Was Returned.

At the time, the Imperial House had issued a statement announcing that they were not yet ready to marry. “This is our immaturity and we are sorry.” They attributed this to the unpreparedness to take this big step.

After all that has happened throughout this period, Princess Mako and Kei Komuro will reunite their lives on October 26, however, the union will not start in the best possible circumstances, as Imperial House told reporters that the princess suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the extensive media coverage surrounding her and her family.

The couple will not have an official engagement ceremony and will be available without a formal meeting with Mako’s uncle before the wedding. Instead, they will register their marriage at a government office before moving to New York, where Comoro joined a large law firm.

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Mako’s parents did not show their support. Earlier this month, her mother, Princess Kiko, said she would respect her daughter’s feelings “as much as possible” and that “despite the problems I can convince, there are also issues where our opinions vary.” DefenderAkshino, the first to come to the throne, said last December that he “agrees” to the marriage, “getting married is what they really want”.

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