May 28, 2023

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Prince Andrew reaches an agreement with the woman who condemned him for sexual abuse

Lawyers of Prince Andrew The UK announced on Tuesday that it had reached an “agreement on policy” with Virginia KuffreyThe woman who rebuked him Sexual abuse When she was a minor.

Judge Louis A. In a brief speech to Kapil, prosecutors did not disclose the terms of the contract, but asked him to “suspend all terms of the trial,” which was scheduled to begin next fall, although no date has been set.

In the signed letter David BoysAttorney PrinceThey expect the judge to dismiss the case within 30 days.

Judge Kaplan now has the power to prosecute, as well as to keep the terms of the settlement secret.

Judge Kaplan has already refused to file a lawsuit in December, citing an agreement signed between Kieffrey (now 38 and living in Australia) and the late President Jeffrey Epstein. To Giuffre Prince Andrew.

The agreement was signed in 2009. Quefre Gave up chasing Epstein “And other potential defendants” in sexual assault cases, in exchange for paying half a million dollars.

The judge ruled that the charges against Andres were not the same Epstein, And in addition the case was found in a different jurisdiction; In addition, he argued that the only persons who could execute the secret agreement were the signatories, which is now said to have been executed.


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