May 28, 2023

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Prince Andrew | “His Final Contempt”: The Status of Prince Andrew’s Millionaire Agreement to Avoid Trial of Sexual Assault | United Kingdom | Elizabeth II | UK | The world

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The He may have made a financial deal to avoid a sexual assault case against him, but he could not escape criticism and humiliation. The British Crown did not escape the wrath unleashed by the attempt to end this scandal. “His final humiliation”, “Andrew has ended his contract for the sex case … but can not back down” and “The Queen will help pay the 12 million sterling settlement” are some of the headlines that will be read this Wednesday the 16th. In the journal .

Read more | Prince Andrew Elizabeth II can pay $ 16 million for a deal he made with his complainant Virginia Gufrey.

Secret treaty between the third son of Queen Elizabeth II Virginia Kuffrey, An American who accused himself of sexual abuse when he was 17, is estimated to be worth more than மில்லியன் 12 million ($ 16.3 million), British newspapers have revealed. The Daily Telegraph reports that Queen Elizabeth II will help pay the agreed amount.

Although the amount of settlement outside the closed court in the United States varies in different media, the truth is, the agreement prevents Duke of York61, as planned, is expected to file a court report in the coming months, avoiding further embarrassment to the crown.

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According to released court documents, the millionaire will be paid a significant donation to the accused’s charity to combat sexual abuse.

QuefreNow 38, case against son Isabel II In August 2021, the woman met the prince through an American millionaire Jeffrey EpsteinA friend of Andres’ who was convicted of pedestrian abuse by a Florida court and committed suicide in a New York prison in August 2019.

An unpublished photo taken at the undisclosed location shows Prince Andrew, Virginia Gufrey (center) and Kisline Maxwell.  (AFP).
An unpublished photo taken at the undisclosed location shows Prince Andrew, Virginia Gufrey (center) and Kisline Maxwell. (AFP).

The Duke of York stubbornly denied the allegations and tried to dismiss the case earlier this year, but to no avail.

The smear piled on him

Corruption around Duke of York Elizabeth II echoed her Platinum Jubilee in reaching 70 years of rule. The king was particularly adamant on the obstacles against Andres.

The Spanish historian Amadeo-Martin Ray Y. Copies, who specializes in monarchies, considers that Prince Andres has a model of approval in view of the exemplary nature of public punishment.

The Duke of York had already been punished by his mother and the British establishment for reclaiming all his military posts, all his presidential and royal high office, which gives him princely status.”, He tells El Comorcio.

The expert recalled that Andreas now has only the title Duke of YorkThe same thing that can be withdrawn because York City officials are demanding it.

Britain's Prince Andrew, Duke of York, attends a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of Bruges' liberation.  (Photo: JOHN THYS / AFP).
Britain’s Prince Andrew, Duke of York, attends a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of Bruges’ liberation. (Photo: JOHN THYS / AFP).

Rachel Maskell, Labor MP for York Central, said she hoped Andrew would voluntarily relinquish his ties with the city, a lifetime degree conferred by Queen Elizabeth II in 1986. By Parliament, including legislative amendments in the coming weeks.

Such a move risks deepening the controversy over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year, which will be celebrated on the four – day bank holiday weekend in June, as any new legislation must be approved by MPs and colleagues. Later state recognition was granted. King“, The newspaper explains””.

Despite this, Amedeo-Martin Ray Y. Copies believes that the crisis will not have a very profound impact on the monarchy and the royal family. “The British monarchy has been around for centuries, with King Charles I beheaded in the 17th century, and Edward VIII abdicated in 1936. Numerous chapters on royalty abound. This is another crisis, ”he said.

It is clear that Andres has lost everything. Has lost his dignity”, He adds.

A convenient deal

Regarding the consequences of the agreement between Andres and Virginia KuffreyThe expert believes that this will be to the advantage of the Duke of York, who has always denied the charges against him, has not been convicted, and has now obtained a contract accepted by the plaintiff.

Apparently there were signs of guilt and for this reason – and Andres and his mother probably did not want a member of the family to be interrogated – an agreement was reached that Ms Kieffrey also agreed.“, It says.

That adds to the dealAvoid public ridicule from someone in the royal family. I hope the Queen has good advisers and that Prince Andrew has a good lawyer and that he has negotiated the deal well accepted by the other party.”.

The expert recalled that the Duke of York had sold his fancy Swiss salad for about 18 million pounds ($ 24 million) to help the king pay the amount agreed upon by the parties.

On the other hand, it seems normal to me that his mother helps him. This can happen in any family. The royal family is a family. Sometimes we forget that the Queen is also a mother and that Andres is her most beloved son.It says.


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