September 26, 2022

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Presidential Change Live Today with Borick, Online Broadcast, What Time It Is, Where To See The Ceremony Today Invited Presidents and many more | Mega news cl | Silivision | CNN | Channel 13 | TDEX | Answers

This Friday is March 11 Must attend Congress to receive President Sash He will finally be appointed President of the Republic. With this, the winner of the last election will leave the Hall of Honor, wearing the Presidential Sari and O’Higgins Peacock.

As it is recalled, the young vice-president of Southern Mahaleans – now just 36 years old – will win the December 19 ballot against the far-right Jose Antonio Cost by 55.8% of the vote and by almost 12 points.

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When Boric accepts the leadership of Chile

As mentioned, Sebastian Pinera presented him with the Presidential Sari on March 11, 2022 at the Palace of La Moneta.

Along with new executive spokeswoman Camila Vallejo and Giorgio Jackson, they were in their twenties in 2011, respectively, denouncing the unequal government of Sebastian Pinera (2010-2014). Education and prices are high and the government should guarantee free and quality.

With the emergence of the Left Wide Front Alliance in 2017 and the entry into the Congress of its two leaders, Borik and Jackson, and the Communist Vallejo, the Borik government is crowning a generational shift in Chilean politics.

Exchange of 2022 command change in Chile

Follow minute by minute Exchange of 2022 command change in Chile 12:00 p.m.

What is the time to change the 2022 command

The Command Transfer Ceremony will take place from Palacio de Monetada from 12:00 Chilean time.

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Command 2022 change which channels to watch

, , , And Signals that finally signal the change of Command 2022 He will serve as President of Chile for the next four years.

Presidents were called for a change of command

Check the list Invited Presidents To . The list is topped by the President of Peru. Pedro Castillo Terrons. A total of 11 heads of state and some first ladies, 42 ambassadors to Chile, 16 expatriates, representatives of 11 international organizations, 22 foreign ministers, ministers and deputy ministers will be honored. Attend the ceremony.

Gabriel Borik (R), President-elect of Chile, congratulates Japanese Foreign Minister Kyoshi Odawara (L).  Series Pokemon.  EFE /
Gabriel Borik (R), President-elect of Chile, congratulates Japanese Foreign Minister Kyoshi Odawara (L). Series Pokemon. EFE /
  • Pedro Castillo, President of Peru
  • Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina
  • Mario Apto Benitez, President of Paraguay
  • Guillermo Lasso, President of Ecuador
  • Louis Lougal, President of Uruguay
  • King Philip VI of Spain
  • Louis Abinader, President of the Dominican Republic
  • Ariel Henry, Prime Minister of Haiti
  • Kilmer Pisas, Prime Minister of Curaao (Netherlands)
  • Luis Alberto Ars, President of Bolivia
  • Mark Phillips, Prime Minister of Guyana
  • Vice Presidents / Deputy Prime Ministers
  • Hamilton Mauro, Vice President of Brazil
  • Leo Varadkar, Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland
  • Jose Gabriel Carrizo, Vice President of Panama
  • Salvador Nasrallah, Vice President of Honduras.
  • Yolanda Diaz, Spain’s second vice president

Heads of other state powers

  • Rachid Talpi, chairman of the Moroccan House of Representatives
  • Andronico Rodriguez, President of the Senate of Bolivia
  • Andr Gil Garcia, President of the Spanish Senate

Leaders of international organizations

  • Alicia Barcenas, Executive Secretary of ECLAC
  • Julio Berdegué, Director FAO Latin America
  • Sergio Diaz is the Executive Chairman of CAF Latin America
  • Maria Jose Torres, Representative of the UN Secretary-General
  • Richard Martinez, President of the Country, Inter-American Development Bank
  • John Jarab, OHCHR Regional Office
  • Rebeca Senalmor, Head of Chile Office, UNHCR
  • Claudia Uribe, Director of Orealc – UNESCO
  • Fabio Bertranov, International Labor Organization
  • Louis Philippe Lopez, UN, UNDP
  • Paolo Mefalopulos, UNICEF Representative

Traffic cuts on command change

There will be major traffic cuts around the National Congress from 6:00 to 16:00. Streets:

  • Restricted traffic, ie to residents only: Perimeter of Britto, Sahaba, San Ignacio and Independence streets.
  • Suspended traffic: Argentina, Pedro Mont, Uruguay and Victoria Avenues.
Traffic has been cut off in Valparaiso.  Source: Chile Police
Traffic has been cut off in Valparaiso. Source: Chile Police

The future president wanted to show the brand he wanted to give to his administration from the appointment of his committee: mostly female cabinet (14 out of 24 ministries in total), with an average age of 42 years. “Today a new chapter in our democratic history begins to write. We are not just starting out, we know there is a story that will elevate and motivate us, “Borick said while announcing his cabinet on January 21.

For the first time a woman, Izkia Siches, heads the Interior Ministry, public security responsibility, according to opinion polls, is one of the most worrying issues for the Chilean people. Amid twists and turns in a country where political and economic power is controlled by an elite, he appointed Lus Vital, 48, a former domestic worker and union member, as deputy minister for women and gender equality.

“Borick begins with the favorable environment of public opinion, thanks to all the political capital he has achieved in the elections and the appointment of his cabinet,” Marco Moreno, director of public school at Chile Central University, told AFP.

“What Chile has done, citizens, community mobilization, organizations, we are working with Gabriel, Giorgio, Ischia and others and I am proud of the feminist world and other colleagues in the social struggle,” Valejo said. ..

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