January 26, 2022


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Pregnant girl dies in baby shower while trying to separate fight between her partner and ex (photo) boyfriend | Discussion | The world

A woman The day he was shot New York, . A terrible event happened after her Tried to avoid a fight Between your baby’s father and your ex-partner.

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According to the first information of the concerned authorities, the victim has been identified Shanis Young (31).

The woman may have died at the hands of her ex-partner, who drew the gun in the middle of the fight and shot her without realizing she was pointing to a woman who was 8 months pregnant.

“Young I took the gifts to the lobby When police say there was a fight between two men from his building, ”said a witness who attended the baby shower.

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“Neighbors say he was one of those men He is the young man’s ex-boyfriend The other is The Father of an unborn child. One of them had a gun, which he fired, and found a bullet in Young’s head. ” Added.

Family members are seeking justice after the death of Shanis Young, 31, who was expecting her baby.

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