January 18, 2022


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Pregnant babysitter arranged, no one came, strangers came with gifts (photos) | Mycelleni

Nancy, a young Mexican woman, organized a He invited his friends and family, but by the half-millennium no one had come. For this reason, he sought the support of the local Facebook page to extend an invitation to people living near his home to stay away from food he had prepared for guests.

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The Mexican media unknowingly invited those who started coming in with gifts and the publication of that page was shared thousands of times. In the pictures it looks like a young native The city of Guanajuato in Lyon.

“Guys, if anyone lives nearby (come on). Hi Diego, can you help me register something … I did mine. I made an appointment at 4:00 and no one expected it to be possible even after the meal was over. Address Francisco Gomez Guerrero # 123Col. We help Leon 2A share “The young woman’s record says.

In the pictures you can see the house of the young lady who has no guests, but then the situation changes. Many came and filled the tables, creating a pleasant atmosphere .

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Nowadays, social networks are becoming an excellent social support tool, connecting people for a variety of purposes, just like Nancy.

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