August 17, 2022

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Pope Francis | How much truth is there in the resignation rumors plaguing Pope Francis? | the world

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A “minor breakdown” that prevented him from traveling to Congo and the Democratic Republic of South Sudan fueled rumors of a possible resignation. Benedict XVI – First Father He left open the possibility of an early end to the papacy for health reasons – to resign – the first in nearly 600 years. The idea that a pope would last forever was no longer set in stone.

Francisco, 85, has been suffering from his knee since earlier this year, but it was only in May that speculation began to mount. “Before I act, I resign”, he joked before the Italian bishops later that month. “Everything arose from these words which were misunderstood by some“, he says Trade Italian journalist Gian Guido Vecchi, Vaticanist of the “Corriere della Sera” newspaper.

Pope Francis is helped out of his seat at the end of his weekly public audience in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican on June 8, 2022. (Photo: AFP) / Alberto Bisoli

Indeed, the journalist points out, some Italian bishops, after the joke, Francisco had added that”They say governance needs your head, not your feet.”, an idea he reiterated in an interview with Reuters earlier this week Father He refused immediate resignation. “It never crossed my mind”, he said in a calm tone. “Currently, no“, he immediately added, the possibility of resignation is open if he is unable to continue. On the date of that moment, Francisco replied: “We don’t know. God will say”.

“When the time comes, when I see that I can’t take it anymore, I will [renunciar] This is Pope Benedict’s best example: it’s a very good thing for the Church, and he told the Popes to stop in time.

Pope Francisco

Health status Father He had already caused concern when he underwent colon surgery in July 2021. The Pope suffers from chronic sciatica and had to have part of his lung removed when he was young.

No chance

Two more facts add to the suspicion. First, the Father August brought together an unprecedented crowd to name new cardinals, including future electors in a conclave event. Then, later that month, the Vatican confirmed. Francisco You will visit L’Aquila, the city of Celestino V, the first pope to freely renounce the papacy.

These coincidences have led some journalists and departments of the Church to raise this hypothesis. Vechi knew”The rumors are fueled by opponents of Francis’ papacy, particularly in the United States. Because of their desire to make it happen, it tries to be somewhat disruptive”.

own Francisco He was conflicted about the rumors in September 2021. I still”I live even though some people want me dead“, he said.

Pope Francis greets the Christian faithful from the Popemobile after Easter Mass in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican on April 17, 2022.  (Ticiana FABI / AFP).
Pope Francis greets the Christian faithful from the Popemobile after Easter Mass in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican on April 17, 2022. (Ticiana FABI / AFP).

Italian historian Gerardo Ferrara, representative of Spanish-speaking foundations at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Rome), despite rumors of resignation Francisco Not so baseless, he is unlikely to resign.

Only the efficient inability to move autonomously or the inability to travel can do that. An exclusion will only happen in the event of an exception Father Disabled, especially in the Church to make arbitrary decisions”, he says in this newspaper.

Unfinished work

For Mirticeli Medeiros, a researcher of Catholic history at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, it’s hard to imagine resigning. FranciscoWell the Father He knows there is strong opposition to his reform, and is quick to act if he shows the slightest sign of weakening. That would hinder this whole movement of change that you propose.

At least now it seems to me that he is unlikely to resign. But if he does, the confusion will be enormous. Let’s imagine three popes! This would be unthinkable and cause enormous organizational wear and tear. That is why I believe, at least while Benedict XVI lives, Francisco Won’t do that. Not to mention that Francis has important missions to complete, a sioot to finish and a war (one in the Ukraine) that really needs his intervention. The current situation, to say the least, is not conducive to resignation”, confirms the expert.

Vecchi asks if all this debate is possible because Benedict XVI resigned. Today’s result Father Emeritus was a breakthrough and broke a tradition that had been maintained for centuries. Joseph Ratzinger was not the first pope to resign, but the first in modern times to do so.

Pope Francis and Benedict XVI.  (Photo: AFP)
Pope Francis and Benedict XVI. (Photo: AFP) /

Since then, there can be emeritus bishops of Rome, as all other bishops have. It has opened this possibility forever. He’s right: life expectancy is advancing, medicine is evolving. Cases may be a Father Realizing that he can no longer perform his service, he leaves“, it says.

However, the expert believes about the current rumours Francisco They are futile attempts to oust him from office and they do not affect him. “We are talking about a Jesuit who experienced very harsh situations and threats in his life during the years of the Videla dictatorship in Argentina. Is he Father A ‘revolution of softness’, but he knows how to be tough. Certainly not one to be intimidated by what he called ‘court gossip’.”, he concludes.

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