January 18, 2022


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Pono Gloriosa Independence in Venezuela 2021: amount, how much is it and how to collect the new bond announced by Maduro today in the homeland?

Rule Nicola Maduro This was announced on Thursday, July 8th Famous Freedom Bonus, Most recent “Social Assistance” Recognized by Savismo An important economic situation and a Higher dollar price.

The prestigious Independence Bonus 2021 will be awarded from July 8-16.

What is the amount of Gloriosa Independence Bonus?

Is usually on Venezuela, The Savista regime did not report its size Famous Freedom Bonus. However, on social media, many users report that this translates to 7,080,000 bolivars, which equates to $ 2.18 Federal Reserve Venezuela Official Ratio (PCV).

How do I know if I am a beneficiary of the Gloriosa Independence Bonus?

Anyone who receives Famous Freedom Bonus The short number is 3532 and you will be notified by the veMonedero application. “The month of Venezuela’s glorious independence has arrived, a historic period of pride and heroism, the legacy of our liberators and liberators,” the report said.

What is the prestigious Freedom Bonus?

The Famous Freedom Bonus Last Currency Benefit Sent Patria site During the 210 years since independence was declared Venezuela.

What other bonds has Maduro announced?

From June 24 to 30, the Karabopan Byzantine Bond was active in Venezuela. There they celebrated Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the People 200 years of the Karabopan War of our US-People’s Trade Agreement (Alpha-TCP).

June 9 to 18 Historic time bonus Not everyone, but directly and gradually Cornet de la Patria Enjoys these “social benefits”.

Domestic Collaborator

In collaborators. You can access local collaborators at Patria.org.ve/login/clave/ When typing the username, security code and password.

Homeland org.ve.

At www.patria.org.ve/ you can access the various functions of the Patria siteSuch as password recovery or information for those in public administration.

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Simon Rodriguez Bonus April 2021

Distribution of Seaman Rodriguez Bond Started last January 16th. This amount is 15,340,000 bolivars for active workers and 11,890,000 bolivars for retirees.

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