September 29, 2022

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Placido Domingo has been accused by the Argentine justice system of being a “client” of a human trafficking network.

Argentine police last Tuesday a Criminal organization It operated as a division with distributions in the United States and Uruguay Human traffickingMany of them were arrested and refused to give a judicial statement, Efe news agency reported.

Thereafter, the lessee Placido Domingo Involved in this case. According to a report by Spanish newspaper El País, the singer “appears to be a client”. Sexual services provided by the department, Camouflage in a Buenos Aires Yoga School.

In a series of audios obtained after the order of the judge in charge of the trial, Ariel Lijo explains how a client meeting should take place.

The conversation involves a man, who he is Tenant Placido DomingoAnd a lady named Susanna Mendelewicz Mendy, 75 years old. Later, he contacts the head of the division and celebrates that the customer, Placido Domingo, has already “arranged Matufia.” [un engaño] So “agents don’t notice”.

It should be noted that Placido Domingo He was found not guilty, but the media pointed out that a large amount of documents still needed to be reviewed.

More audio

Audio consists of three parts: first, Mendy and Juan BerkovichThe head of the unit, who was arrested last Friday, along with twenty others, decided to take on the job of a call-maker.

According to the media, Berkovich This meeting was so important that he authorized the use of the museum for it, as they called a building for sexual meetings in the center of Buenos Aires.

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In the second audio, it is said to be heard Placido Domingo Guidance for Mendy.

In the last audio, Mendy calls his boss back to Berkovich.

After a year of investigation and within the framework of an operation “Divisional Joint-Stock Company“, federal agents of THuman Trafficking Department of the Argentine Police 19 people suspected of involvement in various crimes were arrested.

The organization was called the BA Group, and as part of its structure, it had about 170 “alumni”. Argentina and many others America It contributed a monthly payment in foreign currency called “ceremonial” to the group.

In addition, the organization had another 1,500 “enrolled students” who were billed for “advanced” training, reading classes, and various conferences aimed at state institutions, professional councils, non-profit organizations, and the general public.

But according to police sources, under the guise of a philosophy of “seeking the development of happiness”, the group allegedly recruited people into the organization, reduced them to slavery and, in some cases, provided them with medical treatment. The aim is to get money, influence and protection for their leaders.

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With information from El País and EFE