December 7, 2022

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Pixel 7 only tests 64-bit Android, can't run 32-bit apps

Pixel 7 only tests 64-bit Android, can’t run 32-bit apps

Zoom / Pixel 7 in a beautiful “Hazel” color.

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Here’s a surprise: We’ve learned that Android is preparing to drop support for 32-bit apps sometime soon, with the upcoming Pixel Tablet receive code Check-ins to set it up for 64-bit version of Android only. What no one has noticed is that the Pixel 7 is also dropping support for 64-bit apps, so yesterday’s release takes a huge step towards a 64-bit Android-only future. Esper Senior Technical Editor Mishaal Rahman I discovered the ins and outs of how this works.

It looks like the Pixel Tablet will still be the first to run only a 64-bit version of Android, and the Pixel 7 is only taking half a step toward that milestone. 32-bit applications are disabled via program flagBut it doesn’t work on 64-bit Android only yet. Attempting to install a 32-bit application will display an error message saying: “The application is not installed because the application is not compatible with your phone.”

It seems that the OS is not quite ready for 64-bit versions only, since Some system libraries It’s still 32-bit, but Google is going to get there. Additionally, starting with a synthetic software flag is a good test case. Google can tell exactly how many problems only 64-bit will cause and can easily turn off the flag in a software update if things get really bad.

In reality, though, most consumers won’t notice that 32-bit applications are missing. Java apps are compiled by Android RunTime (ART), and the runtime can only create 64-bit binaries! The only concern is non-Java applications (usually games), which will need the developer to build 64-bit versions. Play Store introduced 64-bit support Is mandatory For all update apps in 2019, though, the only problems should be with abandoned software apps that are several years old. 2013 crush hit flapping bird It seems to be the main example.

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Zoom / rest in peace flapping bird. Now it’s flapping away in a 32-bit paradise.

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64-bit only mode will soon become a reality for new Android devices. While the Pixel 7’s Tensor 2 still has 32-bit support on every core, it’s probably the only flagship phone of 2022 that can say that. Both Qualcomm and this year’s flagship Samsung SoCs only support 32-bit on three of eight cores, Arm’s suggested X3 SoC . design For 2023 it has no 32-bit support at all. Focusing on the Chinese market, Qualcomm It is said to refuse When 32-bit support drops soon and may not follow Arm’s guidelines.

Once we start full 64-bit Android builds only, we’ll presumably see better performance and better security by removing all this 32-bit bug. Rahman says An internal Google study showed a 5-10 percent improvement in performance and power efficiency, and reduced RAM and storage requirements.