May 31, 2023

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Photo | Viral | Twitter | This photo went viral on Twitter: “My mom fell in love and got married, my dad was in her boyfriend’s arms” | செக்கா

A young woman named Bala posted a photoAnd said it quickly went viral, The user revealed the betrayal of his father, who even posed with her boyfriend on her wedding day.

“That’s how my mother fell in love and got married, my dad was in the arms of her boyfriend”, The young woman wrote next to the viral film.

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In the photo, the bride is very much in love with her eyes fixed on her husband, with another hand, another woman, according to Netizen, is her father’s boyfriend.

“That girl was my uncle’s girlfriend then. He never became important. Not in the life of my uncle or my dad, but they got used to it for a year and a half. But she was not alone. My father betrayed my mother all his life ”, Bala said Infobe.

As expected, after learning the story, the photo generated countless reactions among users.

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