May 31, 2023

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Pfizer’s vaccine is called Comirnaty after full FDA approval

The Covit-19 vaccine From Pfizer In the United States it will no longer be called that Komranati After food and drug administration (FDA, In English) The final approval for this vaccine was given on Monday, which was the first time in the country that a full green light was obtained from a uniform.

At a press conference, Janet Voodcock, the Acting Commissioner for Control, said, “With this final approval, the American people can say with certainty that this vaccine meets the quality of gold.” FDA In terms of safety, performance and product quality. “

“This is an important moment in the struggle against our country International spread, We are well aware that this vaccine is one of our biggest weapons against the virus, “said Woodcock.

At the same press conference, the director of the Center for Biological Assessment and Research FDA -In charge of supervising Vaccines-, Peter Marx, explained that this new phase aims to create greater confidence in people who have not yet been vaccinated.

“After following our rigorous processes to evaluate this Vaccine, We hope those who have been waiting until now Vaccinate Do it, “Marx said.

The expert also noted that he believes these green lights will scare away “false claims” like vaccines COVID-19 “They cause infertility, contain microchips, cause disease or thousands of people have died from the vaccine.”

“I’m clear, these statements are not true: getting vaccinated will save your life,” he noted.

The Vaccine Approved for emergency use on EE.UU It was extended to those over 16 in mid-December, and to those over 12 in May.

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Final approval only applies to those over 16 years of age Pfizer You must provide additional data about the application Vaccine In minors between the ages of 12 and 15, it can take months to reach full recognition.

The Emergency permissions Can be used by FDA Providing access to medical products during health emergencies can be effective in preventing, diagnosing or treating the disease.

Unlike authentication for emergency use, full authentication lasts indefinitely unless any unexpected side effect occurs.

To achieve this type of approval, the company must provide detailed data on the production process and subject to thorough scrutiny FDA.

There are more than 170 million Americans EE.UU. They absolutely Vaccinated against Govt-19Of these, more than 92 million have serum Pfizer.


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