May 28, 2023

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Peloton's Lanebreak video game is finally here

Peloton’s Lanebreak video game is finally here

Finally, some less dramatic newsletter From Peloton: the in-app Lanebreak video game Finally here For Peloton Bike and Bike Plus owners.

You can find Lanebreak in the “More Trips” menu on the bottom right of your Peloton bike tablet. The game itself is kind of like riding a light cycle you can see, but it does take elements from rhythm games. Essentially, you can switch between six virtual “lanes” by turning the bike’s resistance knob. The further you go in the right direction, the greater the resistance. There are also gameplay mechanics – Peloton called “moments” – that relate to your resistance and how fast you pedal. For example, “Beats” are blue bars that give you points for being in a particular lane. The “cutters” are the orange sections where you’re supposed to pedal faster, while the “streams” are the green sections where you stay within a certain tempo range.

Lanebreak maintains the leaderboard feature.
Photo: Peloton

Peloton says the games are available at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. You can pedal with different types of music, as well as David Bowie and David Guetta’s remixes. Peloton also says that it will release 20 levels and will add new ones regularly. And in case you’re the competitive type, there’s still a leaderboard too.

We’ve known that Lanebreak has been coming for a while. Peloton first Glimpse into the video game In July, but the game was in beta. Then earlier this month, Google announced that it was Stadia demotion In favor of promoting other companies’ gaming experiences – Peloton’s Lanebreak was one such company. So the timing makes sense.

Connected fitness games are a rising trend, and metric games are commonly used in fitness applications. However, there are fitness games on consoles (Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure, Just Dance, etc.) or in metaverses. For example, Les Mills just launched its own product VR Boxing Game. Lanebreak is the first in-app video game for what is essentially a fitness streaming service.

At Lanebreak we encourage you to keep using the music and gain points based on your tempo and resistance.
Photo: Peloton

Although the game has been in the works for months, its official launch aligns neatly with recent comments from new Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy. in a meeting with financial timesMcCarthy emphasized that he views Peloton as “a connected fitness company, not a bike company” and that His future strategy was to focus on content.

It may seem strange that Peloton is releasing a new product amid the company’s drama. However, the company is believed to have some big projects in the pipeline. at the same FT Peloton Report It is rumored that it is in the testing stages For a connected rower, with a possible unveiling in May. It is also alleged to be working on a new strength training regimen intended for the Tonal competition. Finally, we are also still waiting for a file Peloton Guidea camera-based strength-training tool announced in November.

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