November 28, 2022

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Pedro Castillo Ibero-American Association of Public Ministries Denies Harassment, Intimidation and Interference Against RMMN by Patricia Benowitz, National Advocate | Politics

The Ibero-American Association of Public Ministries (AIAMP) rejected any action of “harassment, intimidation and interference” against the nation’s lawyer, “In the proper exercise of their functions”.

Through a declaration, the signatories reaffirmed their defense of autonomy and independence, and expressed their support for the head of the Public Ministry after the constitutional complaint presented to Congress against President Pedro Castillo.

In that document, they reiterated their concern over the ongoing measures of political pressure affecting public ministries, prosecutors and attorney general offices. “Violation of the autonomy and independence of these institutions in the framework of investigative work and in all its manifestations, especially in relation to organized crime”.

“In this sense, they recalled what the Lawyers and Attorney General of Ibero-America said on October 11, 2016, in the “Lisbon Declaration”, in which “the autonomy of the Public Ministry creates a guarantee for the equality of citizens before the law, the independence of the courts and the credibility of the judicial system compared to the legislative and executive powers. .underlined.

The notification was signed by the Attorney General Andorra, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Paraguayas well as by the Attorney General Argentina, Brazil, Panama and Uruguay.

As recalled, National Prosecutor Patricia Benavides filed a constitutional complaint against Congress against President Pedro Castillo.. The 375-page document reached the desks of some sections of Parliament on Tuesday afternoon.

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Castillo was charged with crimes against public peace. Criminal organizationHis position as head of a vertical structure deteriorated, as well Bad influence peddling and collusion.

It is noteworthy that the complaint also includes former ministers Juan Silva Villegas (Transport and Communication) and Jeanner Alvarado (Housing, Construction and Sanitation).

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