October 1, 2022


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Pedro Castillo confuses the Chilean capital with Gabriel Bori during an interview | Video MRI | Politics

President of the Republic, The Chilean capital, Santiago, was confused with the country’s elected president, Gabriel Boric, who took office for the 11th time this Friday.

This strange fact happened during an interview with a Chilean reporter Fortress tumorsAmong the official activities for investment Boric In the capital of Mapochina.

“How would you describe the last four years of relations between Lima and Santiago?”The journalist asked, to which Castillo Terron responded: “Very fruitful. I think today we are at another stage. I really liked this exchange. This exchange of Brother Santiago with Boric.”.

“This is a sign that things will always go hand in hand between Peru and Santiago. One of them is that we believe it is important to show our bilateral cabinet as soon as possible.”He added.

On his second day visit, it is noteworthy. Fort Held meetings this Friday with his colleagues from Bolivia, Louis ArsAnd from Argentina, Alberto FernandezIn the city of Santiago de Chile.

The day before, he had met with Peruvian President Borik and the President of Ecuador. William Lasso. The latter discussed the progress of the agreements reached during the last bilateral cabinet and the measures taken by the Andean community (CAN) in matters of social, environmental and integration.

Peter Castle He also visited the grave of a former socialist president Salvador Allende (1970-1973), where he left a floral tribute. Through his Twitter account, the Peruvian leader highlighted the image of the former president and his legacy.

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The truth of Castillo’s lies. Eight investigators have broken Pedro Castillo’s statements before CNN. In addition, the speed of childhood vaccination is accelerated. Moreover, the government did not put pressure on Repsol. Also, an Australian ship with Covit-19 vulnerabilities has been stopped in Tonga to drop aid.