August 15, 2022

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Paula Dasa is the woman behind the successful Chilean administration of COVID-19

in the beginning Contagious, And as the eyes of leaders such as the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinta Order, or Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen were cast, the hope spread that women would better cope with crisis situations, accept previous actions and be more effective.

In Latin America, another example of how they contributed to this International spread Is the work of Paula Dasa, Chile Undersecretary of Health and the woman in charge since day one, one of the initiatives COVID-19 The most successful in the world.

The 61-year-old surgeon, who has been one of the most-watched faces on television since the beginning of the crisis, is said to have a slower, closer and less conflicted profile than his male counterparts, and according to opinion polls he is one of the best political figures worthy, even within a government that enjoys little recognition.

“Women have shown that they have a very flexible character and rediscover themselves during this time International spreadDasa himself commented in an interview with Effek, who was in office after the departure of former health minister Jaime Masali.

“Because of our history, we have a role to play in society. In a situation like this, it is viewed in a very painful, very positive way,” he said.

Even in important moments, Chile It is one of the countries with the best weather in the world COVID-19: You have been enjoying about 1% positive for several days and you have used one of the campaigns Vaccine Despite the fast and delta variation it did not experience big growth.

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The current minister, Enrique Paris, is famous for avoiding the very difficult questions that his partner, in daily reports, says, “That question will be answered by the doctor.” Paula Dasa“, There is a phrase and countless memes that are viral on social websites.

The wisdom in her answers and the work she did in that field gave her a professional reputation, while her clothing collections with an Instagram account made her a fashion icon and “queen” of a popular fashion show. Newspaper

“More women in power”

She clarified, “The face of an extensive team is mostly made up of highly dedicated women whose work is essential to controlling the virus”, which comes out today Chile 1.63 million infections and more than 36,500 deaths.

“It is important to strengthen the presence of women at all levels of decision making …

Another challenge he faced was “regaining confidence” in companies and government, which were damaged after the social crisis of 2019 – the most serious in 31 years of democracy – and the basis for fighting the epidemic.

The keys to success

Although the curfew order was enforced and the borders were closed to tourists, Chile It enjoys more freedoms and infections have receded to an unprecedented extent since 2020.

One of the basic pillars of success is rapid campaigning VaccineIt reaches 84% ​​of the target population in two sizes, mostly with Sinovac, but also with Pfizer, Astrogeneka and Cancino.

Other factors, he highlighted Dasa, The diagnosis and the “step by step” plan were criticized by the medical associations as a strategy for regulating control based on the epidemiological situation of each environment and, in their opinion, aimed at avoiding a severe cessation rather than reducing the epidemic.

Some experts blamed the plan for the first big waves between June and July 2020 and the second peak between March and April this year, when the country surpassed 9,000 daily epidemics (with 18 million people) and he pointed to the government’s overwhelming success.

Now with the delta type, Chile It was not without risks, he recalled DasaHe hopes the third dose administration, which began in August, will help reduce the impact.

“The spirit was there to protect people, but apparently many times we take measures that cause significant damage to mental health, especially women and children,” he lamented. EFE