December 8, 2021

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Paraguay | Bernard van Predo: The brutal murder of a German archaeologist and his daughter that shocked Paraguay (and what does this have to do with many Strativaris) | EC stories | The world

With torture and a bullet in the neck.

The body is like this , At his home in Aragua, east of Asuncion, .

View: Violin and his 14-year-old daughter have been charged with felony criminal mischief by the Paraguayan police

His 14-year-old daughter Lorina was shot in the stomach in the bathtub at home.

Police say they have arrested three Germans in connection with the crime, many of whom they believe are intent on theft. Stradivarius violins That From Proto Possessed.

Authorities also said the house was completely looted during the attack.

In the photos of the place published by the Paraguayan media, traces of blood and evidence of looting can be seen.

German citizens Volker Granas, 58; Yves Asriel Spartacus Steinmetz, 60; And Stephen Jork Messing Dorsinger, 51, were arrested as suspects, Hugo Grans, head of police investigations, told AFP.

For her part, the case’s deputy attorney, Sandra Ledesma, described the murder as a “brutal crime” in a radio interview with ABC Cardinal 730AM.

“We didn’t know who to investigate, so we looked for why. We tried to form a hypothesis with the evidence and suspicions we had,” Ledesma said.

Police believe the crime was linked to the theft of Stradivarius violins belonging to Bernard van Predo. (Via File Photo / AFP Getty Images).

The researcher explained that it was true that Minor “had nothing to do with the issue and would be involved in such a horrific manner.” [los criminales] They knew the victims.

“We have decided to conduct inspections in the homes of those close to the victims and found more evidence,” he said.

The lawyer lamented that these people “called themselves his friends.”

“Our suspicion is true. We found that those who wanted to enter did not even want to open the door. During the search they found a weapon hidden in the collector’s object, and we found a weapon in a shed in the house of one of the attackers.

“Nothing surprised us”

Ledesma, a lawyer, said he did not surprise investigators with the case.

“The complainant, the person who was in the most distress, ended up being one of our suspects,” he said.

“In the victim’s home, we have an idea of ​​where the certificates of these violins can be, that they are not suitable for sale without certificates, and that is what they are looking for,” he added.

“We have sufficient evidence and suspicions to determine the impact. We also have maps of the victim’s house, where the containers are, and how far the certificates of authenticity of these violins were.”

The lawyer said those arrested so far are suspects because they have not yet been charged and that they have the right to defend themselves. He added that they did not rule out the possibility of more people being involved in crime.

Stradivarius violins

Antonio Stradivari is considered to be the most famous violin craftsman.

He composed more than 1,000 violins, violins and cellos, and was commissioned by King James II and Carlos III of Spain before his death in 1737.

About 650 violins are believed to have survived.

One of his violins sold for $ 13 million in 2011.

Found an uncle

Van Predo visited Paraguay for the first time in 2017, and in 2018 he returned to live in the country with his daughter.

According to Paraguayan officials, he was committed to repairing violins and selling them to collectors around the world.

But Bernard van Predo was an archaeologist.

“Bernard Siegstarf, 45 years ago, discovered the largest Oscar skeleton in the city. .


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