May 28, 2023

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Paraguay | A 2-year-old boy dies in Paraguay, “your son saw something he shouldn’t have seen” EC Stories | The world

The death of a child was shocking . At the age of two, his family discovered the boy was dead. Near the body was a piece of paper with a chilling message. In it, “Sorry, you saw something you shouldn’t have seen.”

The situation arose on Thursday night, September 2, in the Bernardino Caballero area of ​​the city. Pedro Juan Caballero.

According to local media, the baby’s mother came back from work and saw the unfortunate scene. The boy was noticed by his older brother, aged 14, however, when he arrived at the place where the young man was not.

The PaperIn addition, it was written in the teenager’s handwriting.

Investigators suspect the boy may have died while playing with his brother. (Courtesy of the Nation of Paraguay).

Cause of death

Reynolds Palacios, the attorney who took up the case, referred to the child Died of suffocation.

Based on a physical examination by a forensic pathologist, it was not possible to find a trace of mechanical suffocation, and the body found evidence, which led to the fact that the case was “accidental”. Palacios told Paraguay Channel C9N.

Neighbors referred to them as brothers They played on the neighborhood side In the morning. They returned home, but were never seen again, ABC media reported.

The older brother was found by authorities after fleeing.

During interrogation, the young man confessed to the boy’s death in the middle of the crash, said Silvino Zara, director of the Amabai Police, citing “La Nacion”.

The version indicates that Minor is harassing the young man who decided to put a pillow on his head. He did not think he would lose his life, he said.

“The boy was very shocked”Zara commented.

The mother was also really shocked. “She is in a catastrophic situation. It is an unfortunate incident in which one minor loses his life and affects another minor,” the lawyer said.

On the morning of Friday, September 3, Walibur was taken into custody by the Ministry of Public Safety.

A formal statement should be taken from you and the case brought before a judge.

“Evidence is being collected for the charge of wrongful death,” said attorney Palacios.

It is not yet possible to establish why the young man left News Near his brother’s body.

It is thought that he may have tried to create a crime scene that would free him from all guilt. Considering it further, in the reconstruction of the events that have taken place so far, there is no indication of the young man’s illegal activities.

According to the content of the letter, there is nothing yet that reflects what the little one ‘saw’.

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