May 31, 2023

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Pandora Papers: Panamanian study bought at sea to bribe Odebrecht | Politics

Of four former Abrista officers Ministry of Transport and Communications That Received a bribe from Odebrecht In exchange for providing Lima Metro construction to a Brazilian company They had the power of three Panamanian maritime companies to obtain illegal money.

According to International Federation of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), and its partner in Peru, the press platform Convoca, The Private Bank of Andorra (PPA)) – Odebrecht- used to triangulate bribery He returned to the Panamanian law firm Aleman, Corteiro, Kalindo and Lee (Alcohol) Buy Offlong Offlong International, Jalson International and Ultone Finance Limited.

According to Pandora’s documents – the leak of records of the world’s leading law firms dedicated to the sea, a case being investigated by the ICIJ worldwide -, Alcohol extended the powers of these Panamanian companies to collect bribes from Odebrecht to corrupt former Peruvian executives.

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The Convoca portal points out that former Aprista officers appeared as surrogates for naval companies in Santiago Chao Nova and Mariella Horta Minoya. Also defendants were Miguel Navarro of Portugal and Edwin Luo Periantos.

It will be remembered, Attorney Jose Domingo Perez said the four involved in Alan Garcia’s second government face 25 years and 10 months in prison.

Involved. Left to right: Miguel Navarro Portugal, Edwin Luo Barrientos, Mariella Horta Minoya, Santiago Chao Nova. Photo: Organization Republic

Raul Zika Britt from Panama is an alcoholic lawyer responsible for the acquisition of coastal companies. In addition to the three seas mentioned, Bought the triangle from Odebrecht to bribe other characters.

Remember that the summons Lava Jato Special Group He questioned lawyer Raul Jika about the sea in 2018. But his answer was that he did not remember what they were. Probably the documents were discovered through Pandora’s documents.

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From the testimonies of former Odebrecht executives and officials, Officials have established that Odebrecht created a structured operating department to pay bribes. The department transferred the dirty money to foreign companies around the world who had accounts in Andorra’s private bank. In order to distribute bribes to those involved, the BPA asked alcohol companies to acquire seas of companies, empowering allies to collect black money.

Counsel Jorge Besaranta Costaseta also appears in Pandora’s documents Odebrecht receives bribe to recognize progress of highway works between North and South, Which was responsible for the Brazilian and her Peruvian partners. Alcohol arranged to authorize Randallie at sea to collect at least 2.6 million U.S. bribes.

Another notable role associated with corruption is that of lawyer and arbitrator Horacio Sineba Tore, From whom he received illegal money Odebrecht To reverse the arbitral award in favor of the construction company that caused the millionaire loss to the state of Peru.

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Cánepa intervened in 10 mediations for the benefit of the Brazilian construction company, for which it received US $ 144.4 million from public funds. For Cánepa it included US $ 1,400,000 in illegal profits.

Horacio Seneca could collect bribes because he got favorable referees for the Brazilian construction company, and the BPA asked his old acquaintance Panamanian Royal Psyche to study Aleman, Cortero, Kalindo & Lee. Buy a peanut for these purposes, in this case Max Crane Finance.

Alcohol is a Panamanian law firm that acquired a foreign company A network of arms smugglers who enriched themselves under the rule of Alberto Fujimori and Vladimiro Monticinos.

Another referee in Panama

Referee Mario Castillo Frere, Odebrecht was prosecuted for allegedly receiving 885 thousand palms for arbitral award, which also appeared in Alcohol’s records.

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Odebrecht said Regional Government of San Martin Given More money at work on the San Jose de Sisa Highway.

Alcohol bought offshore finance from Castillo, but no documentary evidence has been found that this money laundering company was used as a bribe.

Mario Castillo is being tried for arbitration by Trucos, who was a supporter of construction company Odebrecht.

The key

Signed. Xavier Diaz Torres and Jom Palmis Dolade, officials of a private bank in Andorra that sought to buy foreign companies from Alcohol. These are part of an investigation by Andorran authorities.

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