January 26, 2022


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Pandora Documents | Guillermo Lasso: Ecuador’s President Banker ‘Offshore’ Network | Panama | South Dakota | The world

Baptized , A new press investigation by the International Federation of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) this Sunday revealed that 14 active world leaders are hiding billions of dollars in wealth to avoid paying taxes. Among those political figures is the current president , .

The ICIJ investigation involved about 600 journalists from dozens of stores, including the Washington Post and The Guardian, and was based on the leak of 11.9 million documents from 14 financial services firms worldwide.

Identity: Pandora Papers: 14 world leaders under investigation hide their wealth to avoid paying taxes

In the case of the leader Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, Investigation ICIJ The former banker points out that he had contacts with 14 foreign companies (most of them in Panama), but his political ambitions led him to change that structure. Corsemo promoted a law banning companies from holding presidential candidates in the tax haven.

Lasso Maintains that most companies are inactive; He said about the rest, they are no longer his or give him benefits.

The Pandora Documents Express it Lasso Approved the transfer of shares and assets of Panamanian companies to two trusts Dakota del Sur, USA at the end of 2017.

“As stated in my affidavit, I prohibit candidates and public officials from maintaining maritime companies in accordance with Ecuadorian law.”, Replied Lasso To the letter sent by ICIJ and the newspaper.

According to research, Lasso He was a client of the Trident Foundation, one of the largest maritime companies on the planet. This Swiss company is known for its preference in these types of solutions and it reappears in operations that are exposed to filtration, with Alemann, Cortero, Kalindo & Lee (Alcohol) law firm, Latin numerous clients. United States

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According to the Spanish newspaper ““, Most companies Guillermo Lasso, In which the banker was the main beneficiary, they were in Panama. In the event of death, the benefits will reach his wife Maria de Lourdes Alcavar and their five children.

“El Boss” At the end of 2017, two foundations were formed in South Dakota: the Liberty Trust and the Bretton Trust. These are made up of shares of most dissolved companies. About these foundations, Lasso He promises in his answer: “I have no rights, controls, interests or interests”. In the documents obtained at Pandora Documents Its users are not mentioned.

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