August 8, 2022

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Pablo Escobar, His Way of Dressing and Ridiculous Practices in His Daily Life | Interests | Victoria Eugenia Henao | Colombia | Drug Trafficking | Medellin Cartel | Description | EC Stories | the world

Life , the high-ranking leader of the Medellin cartel, is full of eccentricities. His properties are proof of this.

are well known Hacienda Napoles, which currently operates as a theme park; Casa Rosada in Miami, where only its memory remains; and the Monaco Building, demolished in 2019.

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In addition, there were signs of his particular tastes from day to day. His widow Maria Isabel Santos CaballeroFormerly known as Victoria Eugenia HenauHe has published information about it in his book.My life and my prison with Pablo Escobar” (2018) on his Instagram.

According to her, The way he dresses is “simple”.: He doesn’t wear ties, nor is he interested in designer clothes, if any. He wore a corduroy jacket to look smart.

This fabric attracted his attention so much that he did not stop using it even in the most extreme weather: “On the Magdalena River, with 40-degree heat, he wears lambskin pants and a shirt.”

Also, he said this Capo “always liked to be in shirtsleeves everywhere, even on the playgrounds.”

And those clothes also retain their history: “He used shirts I sent to a tailor in Medellin.”. The fabric used is soft, which he only buys from Éxito stores.

According to her, they were all the same and fulfilled one essential condition: “The first button of the shirt should be 10 centimeters below the collar”.

Devoted her life as an ontological practitioner, the woman lectures and writes about her relationship with her. Pablo EscobarMore premises are mentioned Drug traffickers and how to deal with them.

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“He wore special shoes that he made, and they had 4 cm high hidden heels”He admitted that the only time he saw him angry was when his brother, Carlos Arturo Henao Vallejo, who was murdered in 1989, teased him.

“The queens and models he dated were 20 centimeters taller than him.”He said.

Finally, Cabo also developed a preference for certain perfumes. According to his wife, he had three brands on his favorite list.

He loved the aroma of Old Spice and Pinot Silvestre or a 1-liter white bottle of Paco Rabanne lotions.