August 8, 2022

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Oscar Canoe | From food to televisions: The influence of exposing everything you want for free | Mexico | Alejandro Carreno | Elle Dorby | Christina Petroche | Description | EC stories | The world

Due to the rise of influencers, many of the creators of this content try to get free services, products or food in return for a positive review of a business on their profile, but not all entrepreneurs are interested in that concept and avoid offering their products for it. A group of young people who are invited to work to add followers to their social networks.

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Former Exotlon Athlete, Oscar Canoe

Former Exatlón Athlete, How to Forget, Oscar CanoeHe asked for information at the Huatulco Hotel in Oaxaca, Mexico to stay during his birthday.

In that message, “Influencer“It simply came to our notice then that he was staying for four nights. When the place says they are going to check costs, Spout He says he can pay through “advertising”.

Hotel Oscar responds negatively to Kano, telling him that the “options” at the place are not accepted, and asks very attentively that “he is not hungry and does not pay for services”.

Influencers Where are we going?

Influencer’s bad criticism of a restaurant in Mexico City has sparked controversy on social media, with the company revealing the real reason for young YouTube’s bad comments.

It all started with young people from the channel “Where to pull?”, In return for a good idea four people had asked for a restaurant for free service. However, the agency said it did not participate in such transactions.

YouTuber Alejandro Carreno harassed him and wrote a negative review about the place.

The restaurant, for its part, released the conversation, showing their annoyance at the content creators for refusing free food.

Christina Petroche

But Mexican influencers are not the only ones trying to get things for free, because this behavior is as global as it was in Spain. Christina Petroche Who caused controversy on social media by listening to free TV.

The presenter posted a photo next to a sophisticated TV worth about 58,800 pesos and asked the brand to give it to him.

“Dear people of Samsung, I love this TV and think I need it in my life. Otherwise, because I’m so good, I have to ask the three sages … # échalemorroPedroche ”, the influence said.

The film, which aims to collaborate with the brand rather than demand, angered his followers who dedicated all sorts of recommendations to him. “You can buy it, we all know,” some internet users wrote, “work and buy for yourself, stop asking.”

Elle Darby

British YouTuber Elle Dorby, He wanted to stay at the White Moose Cafe Hotel, paying its owner through “exposure”. In an email, the young woman mentioned that she plans to stay at the hotel for Valentine’s weekend from February 8 to 12, to get to know the area and in return to expose her networks.

The owner of the establishment, Paul Stenson, openly denied it and showed it on his social networks with a fiery letter.

Paul Stenson responded to the influencer through the hotel’s Facebook page, “Balls are needed to send an email like that” and she said “Who’s going to pay the staff who take care of you? Who’s going to pay the maids who clean your room? Who will give you breakfast? (…) my. Congratulations. PS No answer, ”he explained.

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