March 26, 2023

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On which dates do the pensioners of Economic War Bonus get paid and how much? | Answers

Between the first weeks of January, the Given to thousands of teachers from . However, pensioners Amidst the social and economic crisis that the country is facing, they have been questioning whether they will get this benefit for many days.

Finally, Nicol├ís Maduro’s government announced the start of bonuses for all seniors.

When did economic war bonus payments start for pensioners?

According to the official account of Bonos Protectores Social Al Pueblo, the payment of the bond against the economic war for IVSS pensioners began on January 20, 2023. It should be noted that till date, there is no information on the payment deadline.

On the other hand, those who are selected to receive the grant will receive an SMS from the number 3532 of the Patria system.

Who are the beneficiaries of Economic Warfare Bonus?

Originally, the anti-warfare bonus was only given to working and retired workers in the education sector. Currently, according to the official account of Bonos Protectores Social Al Pueblo, IVSS pensioners will also be beneficiaries through the Patria system.

How much do pensioners get from economic warfare bonus?

According to information provided by Bonos Protectores Social Al Pueblo, the bond against the economic war for pensioners will be 290 bolivars, or the equivalent of 13.70 dollars, according to the rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela.

The benefit is paid through the Patria system and directly deposited into the beneficiary’s account.

Amount paid to workers for bonus against economic warfare

The Patria Digital Telegram channel reported that the bonus against economic warfare would be 580 or 405 bolivars, depending on the type of worker:

  • Property: B.S. 580.00 or 29.82 dollars.
  • Retirees: B.S. 405.00 or 20.82 dollars.
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Bonds issued by the Venezuelan government in January

  • Great Mission Hogares de la Patria bonuses (which vary from 54 bolivars to 162 bolivars according to the number of members).
  • Bonus Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez (81 bolivars).
  • Humanitarian delivery bonus (108 bolivars).
  • Breastfeeding bonus (108 bolivars).
  • Family economic bonus (54 bolivars).
  • 100% schooling bonus (54 bolivars and for every registered boy and girl of school age, each gets Bs. 43.20).
  • Accumulated Population Bonus (72 bolivars)